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i dont know if this is ME symptom

i have recently been diagnosed with ME, chronic pain syndrome and chronic migraine syndrome. I have terrible trouble with my hands, it started as writers cramp but now my hands are painful and stiff all the time, particularly in the mornings. I have trouble with all fine motor skills now. My neurologist has been quite dismissive even though this is probably my most distressing symptom and has the biggest issue in my ability to return to work or take early retirement through ill health. I cannot write at all now. When I discussed it with consultant he told me to blow into a paper bag!!! This is not an anxiety problem! I dont know if it is a symptom of ME or whether I should seek a second opinion. I have read up about dystonia but although the spasms are indicitative of that I dont think it is as the pain is there all the time. Can anyone help?

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Hi Jaqjaq

I saw your post and,was interested as I have me and fibromyalgia. In last few months my hands have also become really stiff and sore. I have these bumps on some joints so my gp referred me to a rheumatologist. He did bloods to check for rheumatism which came back slightly elevated. He said it's more likely to be linked to fibromyalgia. Might be worth asking doctor to do bloods to check rheumatoid factor? It's very painful so I sympathise, I have little strength in mine now and first thing they are like lead!

Good luck lovely

Hope you get it sorted

Jo x


Hi there,

Yes, I had this symptom too for a couple of years, it isn't nice at all so I do sympathise. It did improve when I went passed the 3 year mark, but I do struggle to cross the fingers on my right hand these days and my fine motor isn't as it was.

I think it's either got something to do with blood pressure dropping/blood pooling or nerve dysfunction.

I had the same reaction from my GP when I reported the purple finger tips, hands curling up thing - he gave me a lecture about panic attacks and over breathing, I had to take my husband in to the next appointment to speak up for me. The GP tested my calcium levels (which were fine) then nothing else was said...just one of those weird ME things I guess,

Hope this helps ease your worries,

All the best X


I've had they symptoms too, my doctors have never been too interested one GP did tell me give me hand exercises to do as soon as I wake up. It did increase movement.


unfortunately chronic pain in many parts of the body is symptomatic of many illnesses and most gps do not want to use up their budgets on patients diagnosed with cfs me. my hands have been painful to the point of not being able to cook prepare my own meals for more than 15 years. but other than xrays i have had no other test. xrays are very poor at showing mild inflamation but mild inflamation on tendons or nerves can cause disabling pain.


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