Myalgic Encephalomyelitis Community

Welcome to the all new Myalgic Encephalomyelitis Community!

Just wanted to say a quick hello - I have set up this community to help anyone and everyone who has M.E and also anyone who has CFS.

I am well aware of the differences, but as we know here in the UK most doctors are not, and anyone diagnosed with CFS or with ME could have either condition. So this is a space for anyone with ME, PVFS, or CFS diagnosis (and you're welcome if you're still awaiting formal diagnosis too). We also welcome Carers of people with the condition, and anyone who has someone special to them affected by the condition.

This is meant as a supportive place for people to connect as I understand that this is a very frustrating and isolating condition to have, because of the complex mixed up situation surrounding these conditions, and of course because of the awful debilitating and disabling physical symptoms.

Rest assured this community has been set up by a person who knows only too well what life with classic ME long term is like!

I hope you find this helpful.

Please do follow/join us as we are a new community and only by more of us connecting with each other can we turn this into something special that makes a big difference to giving moral support and understanding to people with ME, CFS, or PVFS.

From now on in my posts I will always write ME/CFS for ease of use, but I do very much understand the difference!

I look forward to connecting with you!

Take care,

Starbys :-)


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