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My HM week 1

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Bit of a mixed bag this week. As some know, Roseabi’s HM plan started last week. The plan is excellent and allows the runner to move things around to suit them, but as we were all advised in one of her previous posts - all running requires some kind of sacrifice and the greater the distance, the higher that probability exists.

For me - I have 4 kids in my house and 2 others that are grown up and pop in as and when. I also live on a old farm, and whereas we are not farmers, my wife seems intent on turning it into a small holding - I have a reasonably hectic work life..... all these things combined make for some fine balancing. Add in a 6 weeks post op check for my wife (160 miles away) and a weekend break in Paris (not for the rioting) and an appointment with a podiatrist...... this week has been a little bit mental!

So HM plan in hand/mind/diary - we drive to Chester for wife’s appointment. Get there late, it’s now 9pm, but still need to do my R1 of the plan - an easy 5k..... that turned into 7k - oh well.

2nd run on Wednesday (now I’ll try for an easy 5) - ran too fast and not hydrated etc etc and got delayed at level crossing ended up walking a few times

3rd Run was planned on Saturday morning in Paris...... oh how wrong could I be about that - see photo. Riot police, with guns.... hmm!

In between 2nd & 3rd - Mr Podiatrist says that I need additional padding under my 2nd & 3rd metatarsals as there is evidence of pressure build up on both feet and tightening of the tendons underneath as a result. Has recommended some new shoes more suitable for me, but not before trying to alter my current running shoes to see what happens. Also some additional stretches..... he is a runner too!

3rd Run has been planned in the Paris park run, this changed to just a run in the area we stayed..... this changed to “just leave”, as fast as you can, no run - “you shouldn’t be here”

So went to a Christmas market and walked loads instead!

Tentatively looking forward to week 2, I hope it’s better than last week!

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Eek! Much respect, and I'm sure this week will be better 😄 xxx

Glad to hear you are unharmed by your trip to Paris, but talk about living on the wild side! The plan can only get easier from here, right!? 😱🏃‍♀️

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LoungeLizaard in reply to Teri73

lol - I hope so!

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MutleyShuffleHalf Marathon

What a hectic week!! Amazing you got any runs in at all! Wishing you a calmer week this week 😊

Thanks, R1 & R2 got squeezed in, but Saturday was a right off, and Sunday I think the week caught up with me... so only a light walk!

Wow Mitch, sounds like a crazy week! You are so right with life and work getting in the way though - I completely sympathise! Well done for getting on and doing it though. I am really impressed with your new journey, as always! x

Hopefully it will continue! Tonight will be my first run with the additional (temp) inserts in my shoes, and Wednesday is my long run this week (8k).

Life then wants a Christmas play on Tuesday and I'm helping a friend move some furniture, Friday I'm out with Rugby dads (Saturday might be a late run lol)…. Thursday is looking like an early night!! ❤

Hope you're doing ok now - How's Dobby?

Wow - busy busy! Didn't realise you had so many kids and animals either - I only have the one child and she's left home now, so peace (mostly) reigns on that front at our house! Just had a mad hectic weekend involving visiting family, friend's birthdays and a cold and wet 10k race but not quite as dramatic as your weekend in Paris by the sounds of it!

Dobby is good, thanks for asking after her - she's improved dramatically in the last two weeks, it's almost been miraculous! I will wait until the New Year to start running with her though - I'm doing RED January, so will take it easy the first few days to see how she goes!

Hope the shoes/feet do OK tonight - good luck - I'll look for your post on Strava. xx

Yeah will post up later.... Yes, loads of kids and animals (horses, geese, pigs, dogs, cats & chickens) I'm hearing talk in the house of goats and/or lambs in the spring!

At least I don't have time to be bored I guess...… in fact, I just don't have time! lol xx

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TbaeMetric Marathon

Your some trooper.

Mighty Mitch.

Atb with everything,

I am afraid I just could not cope.

You will just conquer anything.💥🏃‍♂️🦁💪💥

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LoungeLizaard in reply to Tbae

ha ha! I wish.... If my feet stay in line, I'll drag my cardio along with me... after everything else is done of course!

Best laid plans and all that . . . . 😆

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Wow, thats quite some adventure, well done :)

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UnfitNoMoreHalf Marathon

Good 7k in the bag... and the 5 became intervals 😂... glad you didn’t join in with the riots... our fuel is cheaper than theirs for a change, did you tell any of them? 😂

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