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Apley Estate Autumn Challenge: Post run report


Now some people would read the title of this run and maybe figure out that this was not going to be a stroll around a beautiful estate taking in the sights and sounds but not me. No sirree didn't even see the "challenge" wording in the title.

I entered this race just after graduating C25K in June, after seeing a lovely picture of the stately home and thought "that's me, looks beautiful, I'll do the 5K". Also not even considering this was a trail run. Both a blonde and a senior moment in one!

Well now after a lovely Sunday morning drive of just under an hour,quiet motorways, clear morning etc I arrived at the estate. Already a lot of runners about and steady stream arriving.

Faffed about, collected number, t-shirt etc, warmed up and headed to the start to cheer on the first run 21K, then the 10K runners and then to the line up for 5K.

The first km was great, nice steady breathing thinking might go for a pb here...uumm no wrong answer.. the "challenge" then began...up hill and then up hill and just to top it off..up hill.

We did get some downhill too and I tried to open up with a bit of pace to make up for the having to walk some of the hills.

When the finish came into view managed a little sprint and crossed the line in 44 min. No PB today but a great sense of achievement and a reinforced commitment to "do more hill training"!

After catching my breath headed to my car with a huge smile on my face, shaking my head at my race selection but you know what I am so pleased I entered in ignorance cause it was great. The feeling after finishing was and still is brilliant.

About 10 mins into my drive home suddenly thought sh**t forgot to stretch so next parking area I pulled over and gave my leg muscles some well deserved relief, traffic going past must have thought "what is that mad woman doing" but hey-ho.

All in all a great morning and a big cheer to Wreakin Runners who put on the run, really well organised, friendly and great marshaling.

Would I do it again...you bet!!

Hope all other runners today have enjoyed their runs. :) :)

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SaskAlliecatHalf Marathon

Congrats on a great run! Careful, you might find yourself signing up for the 10k next year (which is what I did after running my first trail race last year 😆).

Lorijay in reply to SaskAlliecat

:) :) Thanks Sask.. you might just be right!!

Congratulations! Just lovely to read of your running adventures unfolding. Well done! Brilliant! 🍾🥂🏅👏🏻😊🎉🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️ Not sure if you were presented with a medal, but I have given you one anyway!!

Aw thanks 61. Yes I did get a medal and a lovely t-shirt. :) :)

How are you?

AnnieW55 in reply to Lorijay

You’ll have to do another post, or edit this one to show us!

Congratulations sounds an interesting baptism to events. Another addiction begins!😄

Lorijay in reply to AnnieW55

Thanks Annie. Yes you are right about that I can feel it all starting :)

Will add a pic but not taken immediately after the race as I was on my own and not very good with selfies. :)

AnnieW55 in reply to Lorijay

Ok. We’ll forgive you this time 😀

Lorijay in reply to AnnieW55

Next time will ask someone at the event 👍

Lorijay in reply to AnnieW55

Hey Annie, I got a pic up of the t shirt and medal!! :) :)

AnnieW55 in reply to Lorijay

I want one!!!😀

That’s a nice t shirt. Wonder what colour you will get next year.

I know it’s not all about the bling but it does help. And you can display it on the hanger behind you.

Well done again on your first (of many) event.

Ah! Now I've seen the photo! Great! I hadn't really thought about t-shirts, but a number of people have been mentioning them recently. How could I not have remembered the,'Got the t-shirt ' phrase? Well done again! I am well thank you. Just been away for a few days and without wi-fi, hence the slow reply. Am very slowly building up my running again after the Summer break. It seems my 3½ week break put me back 3½months! Ah well! All the best for your next runs.


Wow that sounds great, but not sure I would've enjoyed it. I keep forgetting to stretch when I'm not running from home - definitely worth pulling over after all that hill work though :D

Lorijay in reply to linda9389

Thanks Linda. Enjoyment kicked in as soon as I crossed the finish line😅

David_GHalf Marathon

Great post Lorijay and a lovely run to go with it! 🏃‍♀️😀👍🏅🏆

Lorijay in reply to David_G

Oh thanks David, that's very kind!

Hope you had a lovely celebratory lunch with liquid :) :)

David_GHalf Marathon in reply to Lorijay

I had tomato soup with freshly baked bread, poached salmon then apple and berry crumble and a coffee. I had a nice glass of Pinot Grigio too 🍷😋👍

It felt right to treat myself after this morning’s exertions 😊

Lorijay in reply to David_G

Sounds devine!!

I just checked the 10K I've entered end of October just to make sure I didn't miss anything in the title..lol..

It's an inaugural event so no reviews but doesn't sound to hilly!! Does look lovely though another big lovely estate...devil for punishment or slow learner :) :)

FlickM3Half Marathon

Well done! You will have an excuse to invest in trail shoes, if you haven’t already 😊 andcregarding time, it’s harder running off road, slows you down

Lorijay in reply to FlickM3

No I don't have trail shoes Flick so guess there might be a shoe shopping expedition on the horizon woohoo :) :)

I just got official time results, 43.03 so really happy with that as distance was 5.67k.

FlickM3Half Marathon in reply to Lorijay

That's excellent!

ancientrunnerHalf Marathon

Well done - a great achievement. Glad you enjoyed it.

Thank you ancient. :) :)

aliboo70Half Marathon

Oooh well done that sounds lovely I love trail runs 😊

Lorijay in reply to aliboo70

Thanks aliboo, I think I could come to love them in time :) :)

WhatsappHalf Marathon

Well done. I got caught out with the hills on a run a couple of weeks ago. Definitely need to do more hills!

Lorijay in reply to Whatsapp

Thanks Whatsapp. Definitely applies to me too. I wonder how long before it feels better?I've just got to know all the effort wont be in vain!! :) :)

WhatsappHalf Marathon in reply to Lorijay

I have a small hill on my most favoured run. I used it throughout C25K and it really used to bite in the early weeks. I remeber the first time I ran up it and didn't even realise a few weeks later - it was a great feeling.

Lorijay in reply to Whatsapp

Oh thats encouraging, cant wait to run a hill without realising it 🙄😀

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