The runner that mistook the sign for a lady

The runner that mistook the sign for a lady

Does anyone else see something ahead and think it's something entirely different? I get this all the time, and on my run early this morning I was convinced I could see a lady in a blue coat with a golden Labrador. I was a bit concerned as she wasn't moving as I got closer ( I always have my wierdo radar set on high in the dark). Then as I got really close it transpired to actually be a blue sign with a sandbag flopped over the leg. It was then that I realised I do this all the time...

Trees - men in black

Boulders -dogs

Clouds -mountains

Anyone else get this, or do I need to get back to Specsavers ASAP?

Happy panthering guys



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  • I get the clouds/mountain thing all the time, not so much the other stuff. On one of my trails that I've now been running for years, I almost always think the trees on a bend are the edges of a bridge - it's about another half k away!

  • Ah perhaps it's me then?!!

  • Ha, ha! Must be a bit scary for you sometimes. I don't run in the dark but would probably do the same - creative mind, good imagination or maybe, as you say, an eyesight test needed ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • I think a bit of both!!!

  • I do Ju! All the time. Things are much more difficult to make out in the half light or in semi dark, and when you're on the run. If you have your head torch on then I expect it distorts things in your peripheral vision even more

    I run without specs so anything is possible ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  • Hee hee!! I think I would trip if I didn't wear my glasses, my sight for long distance is really bad!!

  • Spooky!

    I haven't done much running in the dark, but I bet I would see all sorts of things. During the last 3k of the Brighton Marathon I got seriously freaked out by the shadow of a gull flying over me - I thought I was being attacked!

  • Now that is hilarious!!!!

  • Nope all I see is someone making a duck with their hand in the torch light. Which is normal for a grown adult!

  • Obvs

  • I'm with the others. But when I did my midsummer race during twilight I had trouble distinguishing between rocks and frogs.

  • Rocks and frogs? I hope you didn't get it wrong too many times and tried on all the froggies?!!

  • I'm with you on the clouds/mountains thing. And when it's dark I have a lot of trouble making out what the darker shadows in the darkness (if that makes sense) are.

    Wouldn't want to see men in black while running... that must be a bit scary!

  • I think I have an overactive imagination!!

  • Iโ€™ve not seen anything while running yet but I once mentally constructed an entire accident scene while driving late at night which thankfully turned out to be just some trees and a sign or something.

  • That's it!! That's just what I mean, it all looks so different in the dark!!

  • Ha and that happened when I was in my 20s so my eyes were much better back then ๐Ÿ˜€!

  • I once saw a big man on a roundabout but it turned out to be a pub ๐Ÿ˜Šโ˜บ๏ธ๐Ÿค“๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿƒโ€โ™€๏ธ๐Ÿ‘โœ”๏ธ

  • Ha ha ha

  • Well, I looked at your photo and wondered where you were that there was snow on the ground already, so perhaps Specsavers are doing BOGOF appointments?

  • Ha ha yes indeed - I think that was the light reflection!!

  • Many MANY years ago I was a participant in an experiment on sleep deprivation.

    The first 20 hours or so were hard, then it seemed to get more bearable for a while.

    At about 40 though I was hurting - I remember feeling cold all the time and very jumpy and clumsy. Paranoia was also setting in.

    At 52 hours I was in the toilet cubicle and heard some whispering outside the door. My only thought was that "they" were going to "attack" me - I flung open the door but of course nobody was about to do anything of the kind.

    I shut the door but then heard the whispering again...and slowly realised I was having auditory hallucinations.

    Then I even more slowly realised the whispering was emanating from a particular area of a high gloss painted door....

    I zeroed in on it and thank goodness realised I was also now having visual hallucinations along with auditory.

    There on the door was a miniature "Last Supper" by Da Vinci. Looked exactly like the original except only about nine inches wide.

    The whispering was coming from it, and I recall thinking that it was lucky I knew this was not real or I would be shortly joining the tin foil hat brigade ( I have most likely fulfilled the entry requirements since though LOL).

    It was all very interesting, and amusing in a way until....

    As I peered closer at the painting that was not actually there I saw the figures in it moving and heads bobbing, arms waving etc EXACTLY like the "whispering" was really the tiny sounds of an animated conversation between the thirteen of them...

    I withdrew from the experiment at that point..

  • That's great I can't imagine going so long without sleep. I wonder how long you slept for after doing this torture!

  • It took me weeks to sleep properly but first time was almost 17 hours of terrible dreams. Would not recommend it :)

  • What was the total time you where awake?

  • A shade under 53 hours during the experiment and add a couple to that before we were processed.

    What can I say - young and foolish...

    (But at least I'm not young anymore! HURRAH! Progress!!!


  • Woaaaah scary stuff there!!!

  • It would have completely unhinged me if I had not realized it was not real. I got lucky and have always felt great pity for those who are not. A lucky escape for me.

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