Yorkshire marathon

Yorkshire marathon

This isn't going to be a proper race report, because I am not yet ready to relive the full horror of it : the red hot poker in my right hip at mile 17; the emergency toilet stop at mile 20; the throwing up and tears at mile 21 the endless hobbling, groaning walk for the last 5 miles...But I will tell you about my family's love and support which made every painful step worth it (plus the nearly 1000NZ dollars I raised for the Starship children's hospital Auckland) . The pic is of my lovely grandchidren Robert and Ben, who ran with me for half a mile and turned me into a minor local celebrity.

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  • Oh wow, that sounds bad, so sorry to hear it. On the other hand - you DID finish, and hobbling walks are part and parcel of the "marathon fun experience" ;)

    Beautiful picture, great initiative of Robert and Ben.

    You finished in style! Big, big congratulations Pam!

  • Thanks Tomas. Many congratulations on your epic run. No more marathons for me, I suspect, but halves hold no fear at all for me after yesterday so they shall be my focus1

  • You are one tough cookie - Congratulations for fighting through to the end regardless, an well done to your grandsons, that was a lovely thing to do.

  • What a fantastic photo! Very well done for fighting on to the end and for raising so much money - you are a superstar! You did it - be proud.

  • Aww Sweetie what an awesome lady you are. You fought through all that pain and distress and you finished the race. A lesser runner might have given up, but not you. Not our TT! You had your eyes on the prize- the prize of all that lovely sponsorship money for the children's hospital in NZ - so you dug really really deep and finished the job you set out to do. Massive congratulations to you. I couldn't be more impressed if I tried. xxx

  • I don't know anyone who gave up voluntarily yesterday AM and there were some awesome last finishers who had struggled for practically the whole race, It's amazing what the mind can demand of the body when push comes to shove. We runners are made of stern stuff! Thanks for your kind words :-)

  • Wow I am so impressed by your resilience and determination to complete. Despite all those things thrown at you, you did not give up. It shows how those slower runners give it their all as much as those who win the race. Feel proud of your achievement, you have earned my admiration.

  • That is so kind rfd! Spending six hours on the road is a real endurance test for us slow people too even though its the sub 3 hour people who get the glory!

  • Well done sounds painful and but what a great achievement after it all you managed to finish and raise loads of money for a great cause.

  • It was painful Ben. It really was! At Mile 22 I was making loud wailing noises (fortunately, very few people around me at that point). The family, other runners and marshals were my salvation. I have never been so appreciative of human kindness -the runner with a belt full of gels who smiled and held one out when I asked if she had a spare one at mile 15. The concerned marshal who asked if I needed first aid at mile 23, the little boy offering water at his gateway at mile 24, my boys who helped this old lady up the killer hill towards the finish line. I love running!

  • Woohoo! Well done TT! You are EPIC πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘πŸƒβ€β™€οΈπŸ’ͺ You sound just like an elite! Throwing up, going to the lav πŸ˜ƒ I bet your grandkids are so proud of their cool grandma, She rocks! You can see where your Ironman lad gets his guts from

    The photo is just lovely. What a memento πŸ™‚

    I hope your hip is ok now TT

  • Oh you lovely person Miss Wobble. I have to keep running because I couldn't bear not to be part of the warm and generous running community. So although a shutter came down in my head at 20miles yesterday and I KNEW I would never, ever do another marathon, today I am glowing inside and guess what, tomorrow is another day!

    PS My hip is fine today as it was the day after Berlin. ~I must do some googling and see what I can do to prevent it next time (hang on, what am I saying?)

  • Is it a groin/hip kind of pain? I have that sometimes when I push myself too hard (run too fast or too far). This stretch solves it every time kinetic-revolution.com/addu... If that’s not in the right place, have a look at the other stretches kinetic-revolution.com/mobi... This guy is brilliant!

  • Oh my goodness I love that photo! And what a fabulous account - all the terribleness and all the wonderfulness!

    You are amazing, and your family must be so proud of everything you have done. I hope you are feeling much much better today.


  • Wow - what an incredible achievement. Sorry to hear you had such a tough day but maybe TT should stand for Tough Turtle. You’re an inspiration! And that’s a cracking photo πŸ’•

  • Pam, that is just awesome, what an amazing cookie you are. Those grandsons have a lot to live up to!.....Ironmum.......ironson ....do they realise it’s their turn next....πŸ’ͺ

    Fantastic photo, well done you πŸ‘


  • Thank you so much Madge. They will go their own way! And so it should be. But they are a joy.

  • I love that photo! I'm so impressed that you were able to complete the race when so much went wrong. In my mind that makes you much tougher than the first finisher.

  • Thank you C3POI think elite athletes and people like me suffer in different ways! Once I've started something I do like to finish it though.

  • Couldn't have said it better myself!

  • I am in absolute awe Pam ! What a fantastic achievement ! Oh it sounds so tough, throwing up , in pain, sounds like flippin' torture to me :-)

    You are such an amazing , strong lady , Really Well done and that was so good of your grandsons to give you a boost like that .

    Great pic, one to treasure :-) xxx

  • Its like all these things Poppy.If I'd known what lay ahead I probably wouldn't have set off, but once it happened I had to deal with it as best I could. As did so many others. There were quite a few sad injury stories and several people who struggled on, determined to finish, even though they were taking the road barriers down.

    But to their credit the commentators continued to cheer on every finisher.And when you are among the stragglers at the end you get much more individual attention and you know the cheers are just for you. Bonus!

    And yes, I think that pic is one for the mantelpiece (if we had one any more)

  • Epic achievement against the odds ( or them, whoever them are) fancy trying to stop you - obviously hadn't done their homework!

    Lovely photograph with your grandsons. It really is magic and one for the album.

    Despite your protestations it looks like your mind is taking over and planning the next one πŸ˜‰.

  • Hmmm. I'm saying nothing Annie, except there may be an announcement early next week :-) Yes, I love the photo too.I was so taken by surprise.

  • That is a BRILLIANT photo Pam, your doubts about your family's banner making were unfounded then!!! You are an inspiration to many on here and i often tell my run club friends over here about Pam who started running marathons after c25k and is a super cool Nan! :) So glad you achieved your aim and such a great fundraising effort too! Many congratulations ! :)

  • Oh Ali.Your lovely words are making me go all fuzzy inside. The only time I really believe I'm a runner is the day after I've finished a race. Which is possibly why I keep entering them. Watch this space!

  • i sent my pal that was doubting doing Berlin the other week your race report and newspaper link to give her inspiration! and you are ! :)

  • What a wonderful photo. Many, many congratulations on your fantastic achievement πŸ˜€

  • Thank you so much skysue!

  • Wow - what a determined last you are! Well done. Very inspiring and a great photo too.☺

  • Thank you Sandra.I too love the photo!

  • Amazing... you are.... :) x

  • Thank you Oldfloss . Crazy is more like it :-)

  • Wow! You are so tough! Congratulations πŸ’ͺπŸƒβ€β™€οΈπŸ‘πŸ™ŒπŸ…πŸ₯‚πŸ‘

  • What an amazing lady you are - I am in awe of anyone who can complete a marathon and to do it with so much going against you is fantastic. I bet those grandsons are showing that picture to everyone - Imagine going into school and saying "My Granny ran a marathon yesterday!" Just wow! Many congratulations. And by the way it doesn't matter how many more you do - you ran a marathon - that is all that matters! My first one is coming up in just under three weeks and I am terrified but I suspect that sheer stubbornness will get me to the finish line! Very well done!

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