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80 / 20 Anyone?

Been reading a bit recently about 80/20 training where 80% of training is at a low threshold (aerobic) and only 20% is at a med to high threshold (anaerobic) The internet is a wash with articles hailing the benefits of generally slowing down... which suits me fine!!

Personally, I'm not going to break any speed records but I like the idea of being able to plod away for longer distances appeals to me. My weekend long runs are now a minimum of 10k which I try to do nice and slowly (no option really :-) ) and then in the week I do some faster shorted runs along with a gym session. So distance wise, I'm probably not too far a way from the 80/20.

Anyone tested this out with their longer runs and general training??

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I'm all for it. Speed just doesn't agree with me, to the point where on a couple of occasions it has even sparked a mini MS relapse when I've been trying to increase my pace. Having just started at the beginning after a lay off I am going to make a concerted effort to go as slow as reasonably possible for a while.

The recent Trust me I'm a doctor programme suggested this was no good and HIIT was the only way to go, but I think really we should just do what fits in with our schedules and what makes us feel good physically and mentally.

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Totally agree... when I go out for a run I would much rather be out for an hour or so plodding around the countryside than 20-30mins all out going as fast as I can... but each to there own!! :-)

If this low intensity training helps with our general running base and keeps running without injury (physically and mentally) then all the better. :-)


I think there's a certain kind of person who always wants to get personal bests and I do admire their endeavours but it just doesn't seem to work for me. I am, by nature, a plodder!


Yes, another plodder here too. I do try intervals sometimes, and can get quite a speed up, but it doesn't seem to translate into overall faster pace - next time I go out I plod away as usual...


I think I naturally lean towards that!!! I don't do a huge amount of tempo or intervals, probably one a week of either although I know it should be one a week of each!!!! Plodding along for longer distances suits me just fine!!!!


Yes and you read about this again and again. I ordered a book called 80/20 running recently, but haven't looked at it yet. I like the off faster 5k run, but am quite happy to plod along and am hoping to get into a habit of doing a 2 hour slow run every other week (weather and time permitting) to improve my endurance base.


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