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Carbs... what's the latest?

I get very confused about whether we "runners" should be eating more or less carbs or whether this really effects non professional runners performance.

One minute I read about the importance of carbs in our daily diet and then another report or podcast says the opposite... or is it a case of eating the right type of Carbs..

Anyone have any thoughts on this??

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I really don't know but I know my body is happier on less carbs after lunch till the next day.....


I find it all very confusing, but I now have a cupboard full of things I love such as peanut butter and malt loaf that I wouldn't normally buy but have read are good for recovery, so am taking advantage. I doubt I am doing it right but it tastes good.


I just listen to my body, if it's screaming "give me pasta" I usually give it some. I'm not a big lover of carbs as a rule, I don't like bread or cake much, but I do eat a lot of pulses. Maybe you could experiment and see what works?

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There are lots of fresh veggies which are in the carbs family, it's not all about pasta and potatoes

I think the body builders like to control their carb intake as they don't want to lose any muscle, whereas runners like extra carbs for the week leading up the race day. I don't think us amateur runners need to load up as such. One of the things we're told is to cut down on refined carbs such as pasta and white rice, that sorta thing in favour of unrefined carbs

As long as you eat a healthy varied diet with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, pulses, lean proteins etc you should be fine.


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