I need a plan!

Hi everyone -new to here!

I've done a few 10Ks and a couple of HMs, last one in October. But then reduced my running because we adopted our little boy in December, then stopped running for 3 months this year due to 'SI Joint dysfunction' and saw a physio that helped but I'm still struggling a bit with a stiff hip. I entered a 7K local trail race which is next week, but haven't done much running due to illness! I feel like I'm never going to get back to how I was. I did use the support of the Facebook beyond C25K but was advised to deactivate by my social worker. I used to find the group really helpful and inspiring.

I really need to get motivated, start doing some cross training too and plan my return. But I'm feeling a little overwhelmed with what to do. Anyone come back from injury or time out with advice on how to do it? Or a plan they've followed?

Thank you


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  • Why did your social worker advise against support from a FB group? That seems a bit odd to me? I have had 3 lots of injury, all during the summer and all had a bout 6 to 10 weeks off. I suggest starting very small, aiming for 3 runs a week, no speed or anything. Is your general fitness level good? Do you walk lots?

  • Hi. I'm sorry you've had 3 lots of injury it's really rough being told you can't do what you love. I was advised to stop using social media because of the risks with our adopted boy being found, I thought it was a bit much. Yes I walk lots as have 2 dogs, can get out daily with them. That sounds sensible, back into a running routine first, then more focused? I used to do Davina DVDs when I first started running, then stopped when I wasn't training for a race, I thought about starting up again. Do you do yoga or Pilates or anything?

  • Hello there

    I do Jillian Michaels DVD's but I have a poorly calf at the mo so have knocked it on the head for a bit. Dog walking too! It's great exercise too. Oh and cycling. I run 3 or 4 times a week when not injured

    I should think a gentle return back to running, every other day, or every third day if you need an extra day's rest between runs

    I was off for months last year with shin splints and I made a really slow return to running, eg 3 minutes every third day. It was interminable - well it seemed so at the time. No good rushing things and ending back up on the couch

    Good luck with it! Let us know how it goes

  • gosh thats tough re your boy... I hope he gets the love of running too. I used to do Davina's too.. she is fab. As well as the running I do daily push ups and also spinning at the gym which I love..... I would say just do anything as long as you enjoy it.....

  • That's just what I'm going to do, did just 3K today but I got out that was the main thing in the sun on a green trail. Going to do a core busting buff abdo with Davina later. I just need to accept it's going to take time - not great with patience! 😕 our boy is 3.5 yrs old and desperate to come running with me (chose his new shoes because they look like my asics!)

  • My friends where also advised to come off twitter and Facebook too when they adopted their son's at least for the first few months. Didn't understand it really as you can make self hard to find on Facebook nowadays.

    As for injuries I have my first at the moment, my problem is accepting that I have an injury and not just a little niggle that will go away. So not going to do any running for a few weeks and do stretching instead which is also a first for me as well. I might go buy a new pair of shoes too, sweatshop seem to have a sale at the moment!

  • Hmm new shoe shopping, that sounds good therapy!

  • Re-do C25K? It's kinda like brain washing, Laura will sort you out!

  • I was thinking about following something again. Laura is brilliant! I am running, odd miles, not on specific days or consistently. I think it's being regular with a routine taking it slow.....

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