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Lets Talk Pee!

thought I would put this post up over all the forums  Hope that Ok with you ju-ju-  as this year in the UK there is a heatwave forecast. I know some will say they live in heat hotter than that. To me its not important whether it arrives or not but I think it is important we talk about running and heat on here.

As some of you know at my Half Marathon there were a lot of casualties due to the heat. We often talk about hydration and dehydration on here. As I was thinking about this today I realised that as many of us are new to running do we really know why its so important. I have put a list together of web pages to have a little read about and get an understanding how important it is when we run that we are properly hydrated.


Please feel free to discuss this and post positive links that can help us all to understand our hydration and keep us all safe while we are out running.

What the NHS definition of Dehydration is.


NHS Choices. There is a bit on the bottom of the page. Do I need to drink when  I exercise.


This is a good article explaining why hydration is important. There are many schools of thought about what you should drink but what happens to your body is a staple.


As always the most important thing is to know yourself. Look into the toilet bowl and judge yourself. I know some will say its not totally accurate but it is free and gives you a starting place.

This is a good indication of Pee Colour from Sports Lucozade

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This is really timely 🌞 And once againI've learnt more after reading your link to runners world, thank you for finding and posting... Good pee chart too!


at work we have poster with the colour chart of colours of wee and next to it telling us how much water to drink depending on the colour.  

But i think people forget how much to drink i certainly have been trying harder to drink more liquid, unfortunately beer or wine doesn't add to your daily limits.   But i do have a hydramate bottle which has time down the side so you know what you need to be drinking.

before i ran my marathon i was reading about how much water i should take on board and i read about hyponatremia which is when you drink too much.   Which can be more serious then dehydration


I like the idea of the bottle.  Your so right about over hydration just as important.  


I got this quite wrong during my Half Marathon :( Running with a cold means drinking even more than usual, I believe...


Oh no I hope it wasn't too uncomfortable.  I know if you've got a cold they say drink to flush it through your system and cold meds dry you out but I'm not sure of the effect with exercise.  I'm a big baby with a Running with a cold as me and my sinus's have battles, I don't feel like going out the door let alone a HM.  

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I think that extra fluids are suggested to make up for sweatiness and running of noses. It wasn't as much fun as my last half marathon, even though I had a bad knee that time! But I was happy once I'd finished :) 


Great stuff RFC and thankyou for sharing. In the heat its easy to forget that we need more. When i finished the marathon mine was the top end colour ( yuck) and I had been drinking the whole way...!! 


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