Light at the end of the proverbial

 The good news is that I finally got to see the cough professor today and I did not appear to be a mystery to him. He recognised my symptoms. He's seen them before and they fit into a recognised pattern, He believes he knows  what is wrong with me and he thinks he can do something about it.  And best of all when I told him I had a Berlin marathon entry in September and the cough was drastically  interfering with my training he got all supportive and said 'Well we'll have to make sure you get there won't we? Your spirometry test certainly show you have the lungs of a marathon runner' I feel quite tearful. It's been a pretty dismal few months but  hope is the most fantastic gift someone can give you :-)

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  • That is great news TT!  It must be a real relief.  Heres hoping for a speedy recovery.

  • That is such good news... I'm so pleased and will hopefully bring relief for your awful cough too.... 

  • Good news good luck with the treatment 

  • thats great news, well done the cough professor and great he thinks you can make it to the Brandenburg gates. 

  • Great stuff TT, so pleased for you x

  • Good news - and great to know you have such an understanding and supportive GP!

  • He's not my GP asp. He's a very important consultant (even so, he spent yesterday covering shifts for the junior doctor's strike) But it was my GP who sent me to him. so credit to her.

  • Great news TT and how lovely to have a doctor with a positive attitude!😊😆

  • Thanks aliboo. It was such a relief to know that I fit into a category somehow. I don't know why, but it always feels good to put a name to an illness.

  • The lungs of a Marathon Runner and the heart of a lioness .....

    Brilliant TT, you shall go to the ball :-)

    Oh that consultant sounds top drawer , so pleased you have a positive prognosis.

    Onwards to Berlin ! xxx

  • Three cheers for Prof Cough!! Hip hip, Ahem! Hip hip, Ahem! Hip hip Ahem!!

    So pleased for you TT. There's something so heartening about having a diagnosis isn't there. Knowledge is power and now he knows what the problem is, the dreaded cough can be sorted. Brilliant that he's so supportive of your marathon entry and even better to know that you've got the right lungs for the job. Happy days 😀😀😀 xx

  • Aaaw thank you AM. I am now at the mercy of the bureacracy of the NHS which  will decide when I can start my treatment, The consultant has emailed my GP advising her which drug regime he wants me to be put on, but the receptionist at my GP's surgery telle me 'the system' hasn't yet processed it. In any case before my GP can prescribe the drugs  for some reason the convention dictates she has to speak to me first. The first telephone appointment she has available is next Monday and then it will be two working days before the prescription reached my local pharmacist. The chances are as these are not run of the mill drugs they will have to order them in so heaven knows when I will actually be able to start my treatment. It's when I start dealing with doctors that I really appreciate my vet!

  • Goodness, things are never simple are they!! As with all things to do with running and health, patience is a virtue. Hope everything happens in double quick time for you xx

  • Great news - onwards and upwards - Berlin here you come!

  • Wonderful news.

  • Great to hear you have the all clear - fantastic you for going for itx

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