Male Breast Cancer

Introducing Myself and My goals for this Group

Hello Protectthepecs, Twinship, Bob and John,

I want to welcome you men to this new group. Basically it can be anything we want it to be as long as it helps us go through our journey. Please trust each other and use each other as a place to get help, have questions answered and seek support. Most importantly, be honest.

This disease, like all other cancers, sucks. However, male breast cancer also comes along with other social stigma issues, as you know, and a major lack of research specific to breast cancer in a male, testosterone environment. Men with breast cancer are also ignored by the 99.99% of other breast cancer survivors. So, men need to find ways to be each others brothers-in -arms.

In the interest of transparency let me be the first to share. I do not have breast cancer, I do have 5 other primary cancers. They include Thyroid, Renal, Melanoma, metastatic prostate cancer and a rare (rarer than male breast cancer) cancer called appendiceal cancer.

For the last 8 years I have been working with other men with cancer. Together, we find a way to help and support each other. This is why I have started this group, because there is NOTHING else out there.

Please feel free to share and ask each other questions.

By the way, I live in Brooklyn N.Y.


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Hello and welcome to malecare. My name is Dennis and I have stage 4 prostate cancer that has metastasized to my bones. While I don't have breast cancer but I can attest to how helpful can caring the people at malecare are. I have found their support and genuine caring a great comfort in my cancer journey. I don't know if any of the same chemotherapy I have used you will use but if it is I can tell you my reaction to the drug. You'll find everyone is different and reactions to any drug can be different from person to person.

Joel is really a great facilitator. If he doesn't know the answer to your questions he will search for it. Again welcome.


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Thank you Dennis