mental health lawyer/ solicitor

hi everyone

i was wonder if anyone knows a good lawyer or solicitor that deals with problems/ issues of people with mental health problems

i had a solicitor working in claim for an accident that i had, but he didnt know how to deal

with everything that was related with mental health and even put me signing papers that i didnt know what they were, he didnt explain properly and now he closes his office and no one knows where he is

i ask an mental health advocate, the ones that volunteer and they said i have to arrange a lawyer that is used to take care of all legal things regarding the mental health condition

can any one help, please - i really need a good one?



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2 Replies

  • Hi bluebahog,

    This community is more of mental health in regards to ageing and also dementia, but maybe you can find what you are looking for in one of the other communities

    Wish you the best

  • hi try care law on the net for the info you wont