Terrible disease

Hi everyone, this is a very hard situation, and I don't know who suffer more if the person with the problem or the family, I would like to ask my dad start hearing things that are not real like he will hear me crying and saying that my husband was abusing me or mistreating me, he will wake up a 3 am and knock at our room asking why are we fighting, also saying my husband was complaining about him and about his food or different things and of course all this things were not real a but he said he hear it , he got a CT test on his brain and unfortunate his doctor said nothing was wrong with him and just give his some pills to help him sleep, but I take him to another dr and he tell me he is having beginning of dementia, I want to ask you is this normal for a person with dementia sometimes he think they are after him and police is going to take him, he is ask why he think that will happen and he said he don't know or he sees people where there are not is this normal Thank you for all your answers God Bless you all and help you and your family with this sad and hard situacion

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  • My mum has advanced vascular dementia and one of her early signs was hallucinating very badly. We had the worst time trying to convince the medical services there was anything wrong with her and only in the November a consultant said she didnt have it despite us listing many many not normal things she did, they only believed us when she was found the next month wandering along a main road in the rain in her nightie. Fight to get him medication now and dont be palmed off.

  • Hi princesa2016. Sorry to hear about your father. In answer to your question, people with dementia do suffer from delusions. My husband has dementia, and every time the doctor ask questions, he will try to cover up the truth. Because he is convinced they will put him in a home. He has mood swings and accuses me of all sorts. Of course I am also trying to put him in a home!!! I tend to agree with whatever he says, and walk away from the confrontation. The doctor has giving him sleeping pills and trazadone tablets, they help take the edge of things. However some days you see it bubbling to the surface. We have a wonderful nurse who comes every 3 month, and she has a very good rapport with him. And as she says it is worse for the family than the patient, as he is unaware about the effect he causes. Keep your chin up. Good luck and God bless. 🙏