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Anyone have any info on viteliform macular lesions

Hi everyone,

Can anyone offer any advice on viteliform macular lesions

I am 42 and before last month had never had a problem with my eyesight, however in the last few weeks I began noticing that people's faces on the tv looked distorted around the right eye. I went to the optician last Monday and had an eye test done and was told my eyesight was ok but he was going to send a letter to my gp to get me referred to the eye hospital. He never mentioned any macular problems, but gave me an amsler grid and said to check it every day and to call him back if any of the lines become wavy etc.

I checked the grid the following day and found that the lines were wavy so I called him back and was told to go straight to a&e which totally freaked me out. Went to a&e but there was nothing they could do as they didn't have the right equipment and they arranged an appointment for me at the eye department the following morning.

Had some tests at the eye hospital and was told I have something called vitelliform macular lesions and that I would need to come back in 2 to 3 weeks.

I left the eye hospital feeling very confused and have now scared myself to death googling and searching the Internet, hardly slept or eaten all week.

I am seeing a consultant on 4th April so will hopefully know more then. However my eyesight has deteriorated rapidly in the past week, straight lines are wavy and people's faces standing more than 2 feet away from me are very distorted. Am very scared!

Can anyone help?


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Hi Poppy,

I am so sorry to hear about your recent diagnosis.

Vitelleform Macular Dystrophy is a genetically inherited condition which will affect your cenral vision in the same way as Macular Disease.

Many of these types of 'dystophies' are very similar, so I would wait until you see the consultant on 4th April for a firm diagnosis and to see if any treatment is appropriate.

Do you know the name of the consultant you are going to see, and which hospital?

I think in view of your concerns, I recommend that you call the Helpline of the Macular Society on 0300 30 30 111 (9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday). We can then have a chat about your condition and your concerns and signpost you for help as necessary.

You may wish to have a look at our information booklet 'Your Guide to Juvenile Macular Dystrophies' at the following link;

You may also wish to consider our free telephone counselling service. Please see the booklet 'Emotional Impact' at the link above. You can access our councelling service by calling our helpline or emailing

Best wishes


Macular Society


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