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I wonder if working in the yard can be the cause of seeing a large black spot at night. It disappears when I stop in the Fall.

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It becomes a grey shadow.

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Hi Salt-and-Pepper. That's something you will need to ask your doctor or ophthalmologist about as we are not qualified here to answer that. Good luck. x

Hello Salt and pepper. I have a large black spot in front of my eyes when i go to bed but it clears when i get up in the morning. I have had it checked by the optician and had a optical retina check and they say my AMD (dry) has not deteriorated and don't know the reason. he said it may be low blood pressure. Hope you get it sorted.

I wonder if lighter conditions makes it seem darker and on cloudier days more grey.

Well, explain this! At night, when I look at my window, which is brighter than the rest of the room because it has no curtains, I see a large black spot. It fades when I roll my eyes but gradually becomes black again when I look straight ahead at the window. This is with my good eye. With my bad eye, which has a lot of distortion, the spot is much smaller and much paler. I remember they were equally large and black before I got wet MD. I have noticed during the day that the spot prevents me from distinguishing between objects if they are close in color, like a can on track lighting and the ceiling. This is much worse if I look with one eye at a time. Somehow binocular vision makes things more distinguishable. I figure that's because the brain pays attention to peripheral vision in each eye and so cancels out some of the central vision.

It's all very fascinating and mysterious!

And I don't understand why the black spots are darker when I look at the bright window but my ability to read etc. is far better in a well-lit room.

I am now trying not working in the yard for the month of June to see if it disappears even during the summer.

I have wet AMD in one eye & dry in the other. Sunlight & even daylight through clouds bothered my eyes greatly, so I wear dark polarized sunglasses EVERY TIME I go outside in the daytime. This has greatly reduced to eliminated my problems that occur in daytime conditions outside.Hopefully you are wearing good sunglasses every time you are doing yard work. If not, give it a try.

Unfortunately, I cannot see with sunglasses.

Hi Salt & Pepper, my sunglasses are polarised, and I wear them outside everyday, they give more clarity.I have wet AMD in both eyes.

Hi salt and pepperI have early stages of dry mac, and i began noticing this weird large black blob/disc like thing and its in both eyes especially in a semi darkened room like the bedroom at night. Sometimes they are a weird shape and sometimes they are round shapes,i know its both eyes as i sometimes only open one eye to see which one is worse. If i lay facing my wife at night and open my eyes i can't see any of her face which is quite disconcerting. It does disappear eventually after about 30 seconds but comes back as soon as i blink. When the dark spot is there and i Close my eyes i have a white spot while my eyes are closed. My sister in Canada has the same experience and she also has dry mac. And my father had no central vision and he had wet mac and eventually went totally blind but that was over 20 years ago, all i can say really is (sorry for the pun) but keep your eye on it and if the dark blobs stay longer go and see your eye care professional..

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I have a white spot when I close my eyes at night and a black blob when I open them to go to the bathroom. It's in both eyes as I have covered them separately to check that. Always gone by morning. Strange that it doesn't happen during a day time nap - very curious!

Kwaker - Must be really upsetting not to be able to see your wife's face!

I remember that effect several years ago. At first, I thought it was an afterimage of the computer screen. But why did it change shape? I had a black cat then.

When I went to the bathroom he always followed. He looked like a little black blob with legs and a retractable tail. It didn't happen with my orange and white cat.

Now the shape is large and constant in the good eye and smaller and more variable in the bad one.

Aren't these black spots scotomas?? Don't they herald the onset of wet AMD? What does your eye specialist say? xx

I am not sure. Had a vision field test a few weeks ago, but still haven't received any results. Information from the doctor seems to be quite limited here in Sweden.