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Eyelea injections


I have been receiving eyelea injections since the end of December 2017 they have always been given to me by the technician that administers injections the only time the dr ever gave injections is when I would get kenalog then that changed to a technician as well here is my question I received a call from my dr office yesterday and they said I am to go to the dr office Friday not the 3rd floor where I normally go for injections I asked y and they said the dr us to give them now per ins co well then y was a technician giving to me the last 8 months did any one else experience this change I find it odd and it makes me quite nervous thanks

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Hi Thom3patty, from the mention of ins I guess you're not in the uk so not sure if my info will help or not. I've had inj from drs and technicians - first one from a Dr then mostly technicians, it seems my clinics are staffed by technicians and you get a Dr if they're short staffed or if for any reason your notes demand it ( eg after my 1 st terrible experience and complaint my consultant put in my notes that I wasn't suitable for technicians but I told the tech it was a Dr who hurt me and I was happy to have a tech!). I found them very good mostly.

I get only a Dr now though as I'm having ozurdex.

I wouldn't worry about the quality of care you've had as long as the techs have been appropriately qualified. You might want to get assured on that. Sounds just like a ' small print' thing though I would have thought a drs time would be more expensive ?

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Thank you


I have my injections, 80+, from doctors, retinologists or specialist nurses. They are all equally good. I don’t mind who does them so long as they are competent. My suggestion of a DIY kit wasn’t taken up!

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Thank you I agree I don’t care who gives them as long as they know what they r doing my concern is y after 8 months of getting from a technician did they suddenly change to the dr giving makes me worried I go today hope and pray all goes well

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One thing I have noted us that docs tend to have their own preferred location for the injection which causes scar tissue to build up more rapidly whereas the nurses seem more likely to vary the injection spot.

For some people the scar tissue can cause discomfort.

This may be a capacity issue. They may have a lot more people now coming for injections which had increased over the months but now has tipped over to you needing them done elsewhere. Sometimes in my clinic we have injections downstairs and sometimes people are sent upstairs so they can do double the amount of injections at the same time.

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Thank you they did mention on the phone it was an ins issue for people getting eyelea Only so that’s what concerns me

Hello! My guess is that it is a "policy" or procedure change. Sometimes these are due to some issue or complaint, mostly not - just due to a routine review. I am an RN who worked for the State in a prison. For many years LPNs [licensed practical nurses] and RNs [registered nurses] could both prepare and administer IV medications, with RNs only doing IV "push" medications. Then a policy manual was made and some discussion changed that to RNs only, then a later review changed it to LPNs be able to give the IV meds, but not mix/prepare them.....and so it goes! Often times is can also relate to the numbers of staff - if everyone had to see the doctors for every type procedure, the lines would be out the doors!

I would also venture to say....just because one had the title of "Doctor", does not automatically mean they do something better than others. Often technicians and nurses do some procedures more frequently than doctors, and thus are more proficient!

I went for my eyelea injection Friday and I asked y after 8 months of the technician giving them to me was it switched to the dr they said it was an ins regulation change so I am not sure y I prev received from a technician but I was very happy with the dr and he s staff they knew i was scared and they took extra steps to make it the best it could b

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