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Stress free painless injections

When I started having injections, about 2 and half years ago, it seemed like I had a different junior doctor nearly every time. Some better than others but nearly always bad after effects. Things have gradually changed for the better. A wonderful caring nurse has taken away my fear of injections. On each visit I prey she will be the one on duty. I learned a few days ago that in future, injections will be done by this nurse, the person who taught her and one junior doctor who will be taught by the nurse. This should give continuity and each should be using the same technique.

What is the routine at your clinic?

Hope you are all having a lovely Easter break, despite the awful weather!

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The full procedure for me at St Paul’s at the Royal Liverpool Hospital is sight test, anaesthetic drop, pressure test, angiogram, OCT, slit lamp exam followed by injection prep. This consists of anaesthetic drops, betadine dripped into eye, if I feel ANYTHING I get more anaesthetic, eye area cleaned, eyelid clamp fitted, injection.

As I have had so many shots and my eye rarely differs at the end of the 4 week interval I sometimes go direct from the OCT to the injection and once missed out all the preamble going direct to injection.

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My hospital usually separates the eye test, Oct, review with dr etc from injection day.

On inj day that's all you have.

I've seen probably 5 different teams in 3.yrs. you never know who you'll get. They vary in how it goes but the nurses all hold your hand if you ask which I do! The injectors have been drs or nurse practitioners.

No one in clinic seems to appreciate how much it helps to have continuity. Although I got stuck for a while with a Dr who traumatised me and had to insist she didn't see me again. Unfortunately she had to stand in one day and I chose the inj rather than try to get another appt. Miraculously she was good that time! I've had her since and she has been fine so I think my complaint had a positive effect.

We used to get next appts before we left but now have to wait for letters.

Now I'm on ozurdex and had different teams with first two. Next one in a week, trying not to worry lol .

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Hi Eyesright, I am so pleased that our hospital does everything in one visit. We have a 3 hour round trip to the hospital, so it would be most inconvenient to have to go back another day. Thankfully, my 87 year old husband is still driving. Come to think of it, nobody has told me not to drive - my own common sense tells me I would be a danger.

I remember the first injection I had - it was sore just for that day and by the next morning it was fine. After several more injections which were very sore for up to a week - I asked the review doctor if it depended on who did the injection. The reply was, no we all do the same. Through experience, I think we all know now, that is not the case.

At least our hospital has at last recognised how important continuity and the most adept injectors are for patient confidence..

Best wishes,


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