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Good morning to you all

I have just had the 2nd steroid eye implant and met a man at the hospital who was also having his too. We were talking and he said he had been diabetic for 23 years but was no longer, hadn't been for the last 5 years. Obviously I was intrigued. He said he had been very poorly for and had been on dialysis due to kidney failure for 12 months and told he would have only lived for 8 more months.

He was on the Donar list and five years ago had a pancreas and kidney transplant no more injections and all that goes with it. The operation was 11.5 hours. When he woke up he said from that instance he felt on top of the world. He was early 60's. I have been diabetic for 35 years myself but never heard of this operation.

They left his pancreas and kidneys and implanted one kidney at the top of one leg and the pancreas at the top of the other. I just think how marvellous it is to hear of such advances being made for the diabetic community and wanted you all to know of this pioneering treatment for us.

I have side effects from my diabetise , and have gone through eye injections and steroid implants, neuropathy etc but how lucky are we to have access to treatments that not only prolong our eyesight but treatments which save our lives.

So when you are down and feeling blue, just think about how you would have been now if not for past research and pioneering treatments. How lucky we are

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