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Not so good news after 6th injection

What had been a ray of hope for recovery of my wet eye faded after 7 weeks--or 6th injection. My wet eye went back to its original state as we tried to stretch the weeks between injections. I was hoping to get injections 3x a YEAR but for today this is not an option.

We went back to injections every 5 to 6 weeks which thereby impedes my ability to seek full time employment as the side-effects from the drug usually puts in in bed for a week.

On the employment front; I have an interview next week for full-time employment where I would be finding jobs for the disabled and advocating for same. Perhaps I can have my injections on Fridays so I can use my days off for recovery.

Time will tell.

I am facing homelessness if I cannot find more money coming in.


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Hi Holly,

Are you getting severe pain in the following hours/days 'after' your injection? Sometimes someone has an allergic reaction to the iodine based eye wash that the hospitals usually use?

The Macular Society have a factsheet on the subject which we can send you if you either phone 0300 30 30 111 (9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday) or by emailing us at help@macularsociety.org

Also, for more advice and support regarding employment, 'Action for Blind People' have their 'action employment line' tel 0800 440 2255.

I hope that this is of some help.

Good luck for you interview next week.

Best wishes


Macular Society


HI, thanks for your reply. Yes I do have a reaction the the cleaner and they flush my eye a lot which helps; the pain I get is muscular-skeletal and lasts for nearly a week. I have a narcotic the Doc. prescribed to help but overtime it stopped working and the side effects fro narcotics are bad. Luckily we legalize marijuana and I have a script for that -- I have finally perfected it for cooking and it helps far better than the narcotic.


Sending you very best wishes. I dont know what they might be but hope you are claiming all the entitlements available -dont be too proud to get help, your condition is not your fault and the system is there for people who need it, it must help to stop you becoming homeless x good luck with the interview x

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I hope the treatment is successful for you this time around. Hope it is the iodine or something simple and they can sort it out. Best of luck for your interview. Fingers crossed! Ax


Sorry to hear this- seems to be very good advice above


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