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Hi Everyone

Since the summer of 2013 I was been treated for Wet AMD which was tough going as i am only in my late 40s. Earlier this year I was referred to a regional hospital as my consultant thought that i would require laser treatment but needed to have ICG test which they only do in larger hospitals. As I waited for this appointment i underwent 4 additional injections (had 7 in total). Following the ICG test the new consultant told me i had Chronic Cental Serous Rethiopathy (CSR) and not Wet AMD! Two weeks later i had PDT laser treatment ( I have read that this is a treatment for Wet AMD also. )

So for any younger people (under 50) told that they have Wet AMD you might want to ask about the possibbility of CSR - the lesser of two evil diagnosies. My undrstanding is that a ICG dye test is required in addition to the Florsein dye test to confirm this. It is found more in men than women but a small number of women can get it. Personally i don't feel I meet the possible causes for it but that is more question for my next appointment.

I am back in 2 weeks for a review after the laser treatment so hopefully things have not got any worse (I don't think i have) and do not have to go back to avastian treatment via injections.

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Well, glad to hear you got the correct diagnosis (Dx)! I am one of those females with wet and dry ArMD. For me it were my genetics that brought this on..I remember AMD beginning in my late 40s as I was suddenly unable to find sharp focus when working with my cameras...I was a professional photographer for 35 years.

I blew it off as my Mother was in her last years and had other things to worry about...

Good luck and keep in touch with us!


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