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Please help me - 27 diagnosed with Myopic degeneration - one fuch spot in each eye - please put me in touch with people with this

Hi all,

I am 27 and a teacher. In April I noticed something odd with my eyes and went to the opticians. I as told that I had a scar it macula. After weeks of pushing I finally got seen by a consultant and was diagnosed with Myopic degeneration.

The disease is in both eyes and fundus pictures show two raised bumps - one in each macula. I'd never thought about the macula before a few weeks ago, however, I've researched extensively and discovered that these bumps are Fuchs spots.

The prognosis is considered "guarded" and all attempts to discuss my predicament with each consultant that I've seen at the hospital has been unfruitful to say the least. Yesterday I went in as my left eye (the one that hasn't been injected with lucentis) is showing distortion.

I know my eyes will fail I just need some support from people who have scarring or a fuchs spot. I'd like to be prepared.

There is an older post on here relating to fuchs spots and if someone could put me in touch with that person I'd be so thankful.


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