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You may be unfamiliar with Lymphoma Foundation Canada and the amount of information we have available for you online and in our brochures. Check out our website to learn more about lymphoma and Lymphoma Foundation Canada.

There is a lot of information available to you about lymphoma online but all the information may not be from trustworthy sources. Make sure that you are getting credible information about symptoms, treatment options or anything relating to lymphoma.

If you know of great sources for help and information about lymphoma, please share it in the comments below.

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Does anyone know if you get an Itchy rash due to Lymphoma??? My husband has a rash in several locations on his body and they are Very Itchy especially his legs....



Hello jollymommy. We can certainly appreciate your concern, and while it is true that itchiness can be a symptom of lymphoma, we would strongly urge you and your husband to visit your healthcare provider, as itchiness can be a symptom of many other things. We do not provide medical advice, but your GP can certainly rule out many maladies with a thorough examination and blood tests. We are thinking of you and hope you will let us know what comes of your visit to your doctor.