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Experiences with Rituxan,Bendeka,and Neulasta

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On a regimen of Rituxan and Bendeka and Neulasta for 4 months dealing with marginal zone lymphoma that morphed into follicular lymphoma. Experiencing shortness of breath and extremes of fatigue. Anyone out there with their personal experiences with this protocol. Thank you for any info, Lee

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This is the common second line therapy for mzl and there are many people with experience on this combo on the marginal zone non-Hodgkin lymphoma lymphoma support group on Facebook. They could give you their experience.

Sorry to hear you are dealing with two types of cancer. You can join the Living with Follicular Lymphoma Facebook group. Many people are on the same treatment and there is a wealth of information there and a supportive group of about 8000 people from around the world.