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Hi I’m new here.

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Treatment with Bendamustine and rituximab for follicular lymphoma stage 4.

Very fatigued! Anyone else?

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Sorry about your diagnosis. I'm done B&R and on Maintenance now. Yes, lots and lots of fatigue.

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Thanks for the info, it is my husband who is being treated. BR is exhausting after only 1 treatment. Has second round next week.

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It's so great you are supporting him. You both hang in there.

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Hey Sinsusie, I received a similar diagnosis and was put on B&R. I have my 3rd treatment on the 27th of April. My personal experience has been this: Fatigue throughout the cycle mitigating toward the end, hiccups, yup, first 5 days and a tinkling cough for which I was prescribed Prednisolone and it worked. The upside is this: this stuff works, after my first treatment a ct scan revealed a reduction in size for all tumors. Hang in there and good health going forward,Lee

Hi Sinsusie! I just posted about my doc recommending these same 2 chemo agents. Then I saw related tags and your post. I am very sorry to hear about the fatigue. Do you think it's mostly after a treatment and then, like some chemos, you feel pretty good about the time another treatment rolls around? Are you getting this once a month for how many cycles? I've had CLL since 2012 and never any issues until this year. Started having heart problems. Now have a pacemaker/difibrillator. Apparently, there is an area of lymphoma on the septum of my heart, Since they can't biopsy (too dangerous) and platelets have dropped, this is her recommendation (after my PET scan in September) Would like to learn as much as I can about anyone who has been given these 2 drugs. Thank you in advance. I live in US/NC. :)

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Hi klg328,

Yes, the Bendamustine and rituximab has caused extreme fatigue. He came down with a cellulitis in the injection site. 4 days of I’v antibiotics, followed by 7 days of 2000 mg. Of oral antibiotics. This hasn’t helped. This treatment does not cause hair loss, a bonus! Best of luck to you!