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Desperate for advice?

I am a 34 year old woman, last November I noticed a lump on the left side of my neck it was very prominent by sight when I turned my head.

At this time I felt well but thought I'd wait a while to see if it would go away, by January it was still there vissable possibly even bigger. My go referred me to an ent specialist he examined my neck and looked inside my mouth he said he wasn't concerned but was going to send me for an ultra scan. I received my appointment for march.

Unfortunately I was admitted to hospital with a liver infection so I missed my scan appointment.

Since March I've had numerous infections shingles 3x 4 chest infections lasting 3 weeks a time. Tonsillitis and skin infections all these were treated with antibiotics.

I've also started suffering from lack of energy, night sweats, nausea, breathlessness and low grade fevers most days.

On yet another drs appointment I broke down upset about the state of my health, I've not been able to work since march all I was told was that my

Immune system isn't working properly I came away even more upset.

With all the different infections I'd forgotten about the lump in my neck when I checked it was still there alarm bells were going off in my head. Went back to gp told him about the lump in my neck (saw a different Dr previously) he was shocked nothing has been done sooner. I was referred back to ent Dr said I would need a scan I waited more than two weeks had my ultra scan they said it was an enlarged lymph gland and not a cyst biggest party measured 3 cm

I was told nothing to qworry about. I have an appointment next Thursday with ent specialist to discuss the ultra scan. When I visited my gp and told him about the scan he said next step would be a biopsy.

Do you think its possible it could be NHL any advice would be great

Sorry for long post

Tina x

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Bonjour Tina,

Although you will evidently need an oncologist advice, with probably a tomodensitometry and/or a biopsy, all symptoms you describe seems to be non hodgkin follicular lymphoma. I was diagnosed with this cancer in a very advanced stage in july 2013, had a chemotherapy (6 X R-CHOP) immediately, and I am now in remission, having a maintenance Rituxan treatment every 2 months, for two years.

Of course, it is not a pleasure to live with this disease, but the most important to know is that it is manageable.

For more advice, you should join the following group :

Bood luck,

Bernard, Quebec city


Hi Mothergoose

Sorry to read you are in the wars at the moment. well done for posting.

Of course there could be many reasons for the symptoms you are experiencing that are not NHL related, What drew me to your post was that all of us with an illness have at some stage had to go through the diagnosis process and the effects of this are something we can all relate too, It is not helped when you are experiencing a range of symptoms and no one else is reacting to them. keep pushing hard for answers, let us know how you get on.

You will worry, it's not fair to be told not to worry. Until you get answers it is human nature to investigate ourselves what we think our symptoms may be suggesting.

I have a type of NHL that can impact on the immune system in the same ways you describe, as can happen with many other types too, they are all different but as Bernard has mentioned are manageable in different ways. I did not require treatment immediately and still don't five years on.

No one on-line will be able to answer your question without clinical expertise, detailed test results and medical knowledge of you. But they can sign post you towards reliable information and people who "get it".

This is a very useful and reliable resource it does highlight how many there are and provides links to support and information for all types

I am part of a very active group of CLL patients here on HU, There are many from Canada there who will respond to a post and may aid you navigate the health system to get answers. , or just share support,experiences and perspectives

keep posting

Best wishes