Flare free x-mas?

Flare free x-mas?

Just thought I'd write a quick blog as i haven't written on here for long enough. Maybe won't be so "quick" when I re-read!

I'm still plodding along, without too many complaints which is good I guess. I have been getting more pains than I'm used to recently, down to my steroids being reduced to 10mg a few weeks back, which stopped them being reduced further more at my last local Rheumy visit but I've put up with worse so can live with it.

What I'm starting to get slightly worried about is I haven't had a fever flare for 11 weeks now, the longest I've been without in the last 2 years (when I started recording) is 15 weeks. Hope it doesn't raise it's ugly head just in time for x-mas. Last year was not fun :( I did start shivering the other day and my temperature dropped.. but I haven't had anything since. I'm hoping it was just the bug going round at work and not the start of it all!

On the work front the stand in manager is finally going to look at my shifts to see if I can maybe start another 3hour shift every fortnight, hope people don't mind swapping shifts around.

Everything else just little niggles really, a few night sweats here and there.. shooting pains.. and not sleeping too well at nights, coming off the Tramadol isn't helping with that! (Oh, and the very embarrassing case of Lupie brain fog at work!! :s) Also got to go for fasting bloods as sugar levels high from London results.. but I'm not too worried about that for the moment.

Oo and looking forward to my next trip there to St. Thomas'.. (also a good excuse to spend some lovely time with my boyfriend out of these four walls!) - Even though most of the time is spent rushing about and being absolutely exhausted!

So that's me done. Sorry, it did end up a bit long winded didn't it!

Hope everyone else is having a flare free day.. and I haven't bored you to sleep :D


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