An extremely sore and cracked tounge

Ive got a horrible sore red cracked tounge with lots of little white blisters.

Im not to sure if its because im lacking in something,or of my medication or my condition?Ive had it for some years but seems to be getting worse,ive tried special mouthwashes from the gp.I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced anything like this?

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I get periods of this every now and again. It is called a 'geographical tongue'!

You will probably find that certain things cause it to get worse and flare up. I cannot eat anything citrus - oranges, pineapples, vinegar etc. or even fresh orange drink.Curries and anything too spicy are a definite no no as well. It is a case of trial and error but it is worth looking into. Hope this helps x


I too, have had a very deep cracked tongue for about2-3 years now...wonder if it's a regular symptom of Lupus sufferers...???


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