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Hello fellow Lupies, i've just joined this site, found it through FB, I'm 48 years old & was diagnosed six & a half years ago, I have APS & SLE, I was ok ish for the first three & a half years but the last two & a half have been difficult, I've had varoius chest infections, Vasculitis, Pneumonia for which I was in intensive care for six days & this year I have had to have my Mitral valve (heart) replaced. It will be good to share the good & bad times with people who totally ubderstand what it's like.

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Hey trace, i have also just joined the site and am looking forward to sharing my experiences with everyone! im wondering, what is the APS? im currently suffering from really bad heart palpitations and high blood pressure and am a bit worried about my wee ticker lol i also have Kidney involvement at the moment and am booked in tomorrow to have a biopsy! fun fun =] Get back to meee =] xx


Hi, I too have APS and SLE. Sorry to hear you have had such a tough time over the last year or two. Hopefully this site will help you - I find it a great source of comfort, especially when you hear there are others out there going through similar life challenges. Take care. :)


Hi Yols, Thank you for your reply,your so right, this site is great & such a comfort, I wish I'd found it sooner, No one really knows how hard Lupus can be unless they have it themselves, I am so happy to have found fellow Lupies. Take care x


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