Important new tools to help recently diagnosed lupus patients

We are very proud to announce that LUPUS UK is releasing a brand new DVD and handbook for newly diagnosed lupus patients to help them, and their families understand what living with lupus means, and provide them with essential tools to help cope with this complex condition.

Contributors include Professor David Isenberg (Professor of Rheumatology, University College, London), Sue Brown (Specialist lupus nurse) and several patients talking about their experiences of living with lupus.

“Being diagnosed with lupus can raise mixed emotions: there is relief that you now know what the illness you have is called and appropriate treatment can start, but also anxiety as there is no cure for lupus and the effects can be serious. We know how important it is to have good information about how to live with this condition: as well as following medical advice, you can help yourself by learning how to avoid ‘triggers’ which make your lupus worse and looking after yourself in ways which will put your body under less stress” – Jane Dunnage, Chair of LUPUS UK

Both the DVD and handbook are soon to be available from National Office, Romford (£2 postage & packing). If you have any enquiries then please comment below.

Here is a 4 minute trailer….enjoy

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sounds brilliant!


Looks really good wish I'd have had this when I was newly diagnosed!


Hi I was diagnosed with sle 2009 very quickly rash, high BP,bloods not good,joint pain really hot.anyway last year went for check up and was told I had no signs of lupus and to stop all tablets and that I don't need to go to hospital anymore.just wanted to no know what you thought about that.thanks for reading look forward to a reply Julie x


Hi fragile,

Are you still experiencing symptoms, or do you feel they are currently well controlled?

If you are concerned about the diagnosis and treatment plan from your consultant then you are entitled to a second opinion. You could ask your GP to refer you to a different consultant, perhaps one who specialises in lupus for their opinion.


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