brighton group

I would really like to meet other people in my area but still havent ! Someone told me before of a meetup but i work part time ( only just ) and couldnt make it ! I cant find any info about this group but it would be so nice to have a coffee and chat once in a while .

I also am feeling a bit down this evening and feeling exhausted , in pain allover and have toothache and i must admit feeling a bit sorry for myself .I feel like i'm struggling at the mo and work is awful ! so busy and am physically drained :(


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7 Replies

  • Hi Larissa, Where abouts are you? I am about 30 minutes from Brighton... Is there a Brighton Group? Do you know any more about it?

    I am sorry you are feeling so low at the moment, Its so difficult sometimes, but you will begin to feel better soon... Keep your chin up honey! xxx

  • Hi Larissa,

    There is a group of lupus patients that meet in Brighton. It's not a LUPUS UK group, but they welcome any lupus patients.

    The next meeting is 15th November at 11am at the Starbucks on North Road.



  • Thanks Kelly x

    How do i find future info of meetings ? just incase i cant go ? but thanks , i will try to make it

  • Hi Larissa

    I sometimes go to this group in Brighton, may be I'll see you there?

    Dryad (Flo)

  • Hi flo ,

    I am going to try and get the day off so i can come ! is it ok to just turn up ? how do i find out about dates of the group ? Hopefully see you there

  • I've PM'd you contact details for one of the group facilitators.

  • Hi Larissa

    Sorry to hear you are not feeling well,I work part time too and struggle with it,I know when I am on holidays with time to get rest I do feel so much better,so I suppose that's telling us something.I am not near any of the groups but find this site invaluable.Things will get better.x

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