Does anyone experience a lull at the end of a Methotrexate week?


Does anyone out there experience a lull at the end of a methotrexate week, in particular in mental agility and an inability to contextualise your emotions? I take 10mg of methotrexate to control my SLE, in particular my autoimmune neutropenia and will be increasing the dose to 20mg within a fortnight and I am nervous that these symptoms could worsen. However, it could be that the methotrexate is improving these symptoms and as I run low at the end of the week, they re emerge......

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  • Hi

    I take 25mg of methotrexate and like you by the time it has been in my system for about 5 days, so a couple of days away from taking it again I too have your trouble. I think it is more to do with it is helping and then the symptoms reappear.

  • Hi! I take 20mg MTX on a Tuesday. Mondays are dire for me. I feel pretty much as you describe. The brain fog and fatigue are terrible. Without the MTX I would be like that all the time which is shocking.

  • Can totally empathise with that, my inability to process information at any reasonable speed is really quite alarming.

    I obviously just need to make sure I am doing nothing taxing on days 5 and 6 of the week.

    Take care

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