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When will I ever learn?

To pace! However, that said yesterday was a day when there was little choice as it is that time of year when crops are glutting and all ready at the same time........It all started on Monday evening, as due to weather forecast for heavy rain, we thought best to strip the plum tree which was laiden with fruit (solid downpour and we;d have lost particarly the whole years crop). Over 22kg picked!!! So of course, I was left here to deal with these - 6kg or so were given away to neighbours........I washed, chopped, processed around 11kg, there are still plums left and this does not include the ones in our fruit bowl!

11 large (pickle/mayonaisse sized) jars plum chutney later, fillings for plum pie/crumble done, and 2 litres of plum icecream made - I was wiped out - kitchen looked like a plum murder scene and hub was walking in through the door expecting dinner, with his wife practically on her knees and almost in tears out of shear exhaustion!

Why oh why do we do these things? body is still giving me a good shouting at, after yelling all night (poor hub didnt get alot of kip with me and my pain mutterings).

PS, Fresh plum icecream is rather good and did make some of the effort put in worth it - sure the chutney come winter will go down well too

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If its any consolation I didn't listen to my body either.

Did a day out with my 4 kids and a friend with her 4 kids up and out of house by 8 am not home til 9 pm 2 museums and various trains. A train malfunction emergency hubby pick up tea out shopping for school stuff and basics finally home.

5 month old screaming 3 year old exhausted 5 and 7 year olds hyper cos they were out and it was really dark .

Today forget house work entertain kids with movies and games and try to be better for tommorow is my plan. One day we might learn and listen but don't know when that day will be.


I have had Lupus for 6 years and still have not really learnt to pace myself...... although i do now listen to my body a bit more than i used to :) But its very hard when you were used to be ing so active and being able to go on and on and on !!!!! If i had had Lupus from the begining then maybe i would be different about it.