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Hi Everyone.........This is my first question, I do come on here alot and read loads of things that are relievent to me

I have now got a problem but aint seen anything on here bout it..........I have had pancreatis 8 times now since Oct last year........I have all the test done and the only thing they found was a small csyt......I dont drink much and I aint got gallstones........I have SLE/Fibro, cardimiophy (spellings rubbish sorry).........Im on all the relievent medicines

Is they anyone one who could some light on this for me Plz

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hi Renie

I have chronic pancreatitis which was caused by the long term use of the drug Azathioprine. The drug has shrunk my pancreas and it is not possible to repair it.

The first signs of the illness was frequent bouts of sickness and diarrhora and drastic weight loss in such a short space of time without trying (16kilos in 6 weeks)! Although that was great I was too ill to enjoy it! After lots of blood tests it was an MRI that finally gave the docs. the diagnosis.

I now take a creon capsule with everything I eat to help the fat in food to be absorbed properly (the pancreas job) and have to have regular glucose tests because the pancreas also releases insulin in the body and the tests have to be done to make sure I am not becoming diabetic.

The effects of pancreatitisa are horrible, painful and debilitating and I fully understand how you must be feeling - both physically and emotionally. It is so totally draining!

Has an MRI been suggested yet and have you tried a fairly fat free diet to see if that helps and give your body a chance to recover a little?

Take care - Irene x


Thank you for relpying to this for me.......Ive had x-rays, scans, mri and ercp scan, (which was the one that found the tiny cypt.......the others found nowt........Im now waiting to have a endoscopy......which I got a phone call from hospital to saw say there are no appointments available and they will call me within the next two weeks to make an appointment......which could result in about a 6 weeks wait........hopefully I wont be hospitilised again until the app arrives, but thats the trouble I cant plan anything at all

I am also on creon capsules too.........Im also going to see a lady that can tell me wot foods mite contribute to it.........thats if I dont have to go into hospital before

Thank you.....Renie x


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