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think im being cloned !!!!

Just wanted to say a huge, massive, enormous thank you to you all for you support a few weeks ago when i was ready to throw in the towel. It is really appreciated that people do care xxxxxxx

Went to see my consultant who took 7 bottles of blood ( cloning me ???!!! ) for testing.... She also put me back on hydro after many years of me being a pain in the arse and refusing to admit i have SLE !!! foolish but scared. I was also diagnosed with Fibromaliga ( spellings lousy) but i think you will get it... Life is really tough right now and sometimes i could cry for days with the pain. The hydro is making me feel really sick and crappy... I also have this horrendous pain in the bottom of my back.... connected????

Thanks once again all you lovely, wonderful people

Sending much love and gentle hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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hello rebeccaann

glad to see you feeling emotionally better,i could and have many times cried and cried sometimes the stress and worry just gets to you and you can t help it.

i was put on hydroxy when i was diagnosed in feb this year and found i could not tolerate it at all. it made me feel sick and had terrible painful stomach and also bad indigestion which got worse and worse, and i can tell you i had horrendous back pain with it which i believe was my digestive system inflammed meaning i could feel in it my back causing sharpe back pain.

i was advised by docs to come off it straight away and within two days the pain had gone.

maybe have a word with rhumey nurse she might be able to advise.



Thank you Pinky x Thats much appreciated x


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