Abnormal symptoms??

I haven't long had a bit of a CNS flare-up, but now SLE is starting to take hold. Wrists are playing up etc, however I've been to my rheumy and she believes that I don't have the DLE (skin) strain, despite the itchy dry patches that resemble blisters in various places on my body. I am unsure about all the symptoms surrounding DLE, and was wondering whether the fact that my skin on my thighs and bum being incredibly sore to touch is a signifier of DLE? I've also got irritation "down there" that feels like a shaving rash but I haven't done so in a while due to the pain. I also have a really really sore and swollen tongue, which seems like a signifier of a fit. I'm really confused about the DLE side of things!

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Hi there, I didn't know I had both types of lupus until I had an appointment with a dermatologist ( I lost a fair amount of hair and kept getting skin rashes ).

I also have problems with my tongue where it's sore but can't see anything and I suffer, like you, with sore/itchy areas.

To be honest I tend to blame lupus for everything - even a broken dishwasher!!

Maybe you should try to get seen by a dermatologist just to put your mind t rest?

Wishing you luck!


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