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dont take hydroxy at night, give you bad nights sleep

I have been compairing notes with friends and ive noticed that there seems to be a link with taking certain pills at night can give you a sleepless night. You are better taking them at breakfast or lunch.(please check its ok with docs before changing anything)

i had an appointment with my heart specialist and said how the chronic fatigue sydrome was driving me mad and she went through my pills and worked out which could make me sleepy, which ones make me pee etc and which ones give sleepless nights. So it might be worth have a meds check with your specialist because you might be taking them in the wrong order i take 21 tablets a day so i had made up how i took them.

Good luck fellow lupey

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Good point NicksB. I think I will do the same. Thanks for letting us know.


Hi NicksB

I thought I was imagining it ! Hydroxy seemed to disturb my sleep so changed to mornings a while ago and it definitely seemed to make a difference

Thanks for that !


Thanks for that - my Consultant has not mentioned this (or the Pharmacist) and I have been wondering why my sleep pattern has changed - have only been on the Plaquinel for about 6 months. I'm now having to take Betahistine as well, because I have positional vertigo on waking.....anyone else affected by this?


I think that it must depend on the person, I take my hydroxychlorquine just before I go to sleep and don't have any problems sleeping, I usually get around 6-8 hrs and sleep very deeply, my husband always say's you could set a bomb off next to me and I wouldn't hear it!


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