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supermarket substitutes


One of the things covid has introduced me to is supermarket shopping. And while some give you the opportunity not to have substitutes others do not. I am wondering if others are getting weird subs too. I ordered kidney to make a steak and kidney pie but was sent a heart. Today I had an order for dog food and got a tin of cat food included. Luckily I doubt my dog is too fussy so I will mix it in with something else. What delights have others been sent.

Ssshh! don't tell Mandy about the cat food.

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Oh yes the Joy's.... I ordered fly spray and got cockroach spray, 🤦‍♀️sweetheart roses and got a large bunch of red roses 👍 small tub of flora and got a 2.5kg of clover 🤷‍♀️ and I ordered 2 gala slices and they sent the whole pie...took me all week to eat it 😆.you can return them. Most of them time they are ok x

2.5K of marg? lots of baking

I hope to God I never need the cockroach spray 😱 You could have anything as long as it had marg on it lol 😁 x

I ordered strong white bread flour and got cornflour . . . I guess they sound almost alike!

PMRpro in reply to Carcrashgal

Your cornflour and my friend's lemon juice sounds more like a day for pancakes than bread ...

That's a good one...dont think ill come for a sandwich though 🤣

My mouth feels claggy already!

I'll pick up some hovis on the way lol 😆

Have you tried directly ordering flour from the mill? I just had a delivery of fresh yeast, 12kg Canadian strong white flour, 12 kg three malts and sunflower, 4 kg soft cake and pastry flour, 1 kg French flour, 2 kg 00 Italian flour and three blocks of fresh yeast from Shipton Mill direct. The P&P is the same no matter how much you order and arrives in days. They have kept me going all through this pandemic when local shops and online grocers had none xx

*That* is a very good tip - thank you!!

You are welcome, you can also get their flour from Amazon but it is only £1.30 a kg from the mill direct xx

Even better!

Now we know where to come for afternoon tea Cecily 😁🍞🥪🥮🍰 x

You would be so very welcome especially if you bring your dogs xx

That's not a problem...they are very easily pleased 🙂

Someone ordered yeast (for breadmaking) and was sent lemon juice ...

suzannah16 in reply to PMRpro

"sour" dough ?

PMRpro in reply to suzannah16


Good afternoon, yes it has been a godsend for internet shopping, I too have had a few substitutes sent

Although non as bizarre as you have had sent jx

Wasn't to me - I have no option for internet shopping here in northern Italy. Bite the bullet and go shopping or starve ;)

No bizarre substitutes for me but I am ranting today. I order my Ocado shopping four weeks in advance which is fabulous. They have started stocking Marks and Spencer’s items since September. The first week we were missing ten items so they gave me a £10 voucher. They give me a £10 voucher for the anniversary of when I started shopping with them every year. My gripe is that their little ice cream cones which are my treat since giving up biscuits, crisps, chocolate are missing from my order again!! Being on steroids I need one 😭😭😭xx

I hate when it's something you've been craving and it either doesn't come or it's inedible

I tried to use Ocado recently but there were no slots available. But they only had a few days showing. So I’m wondering how you manage to book 4 weeks ahead? Have you got a smart pass or something? They are not doing any new ones at the moment so I wasn’t able to get one.

I have a mid week smart pass which allows me to order Tuesday to Thursday for £6.99 a month. I was identified as a vulnerable person ( by them not me) and given a link to set up orders for four weeks in advance. I received my shopping today so have just placed an order for four weeks time. Email them and ask for a vulnerable person slot. Their customer service team are fabulous. I have tried so many online providers and had issues with them all but Ocado resolves any issues quickly and efficiently xx

Thanks for the help. I am on the vulnerable list so they should be able to check. I used them before I moved 5 years ago but when I tried here I got loads of substitutes or missing items, that shouldn’t happen with Ocado as their stock system should prevent you ordering stuff they haven’t got. So I was then using Waitrose every week but they were awful during Covid even though I was a regular customer. It would be good to try M&S food for a change. Xx

Good luck. I hope you manage to get it sorted xx

A friend ordered lemons and got lemon washing up liquid!

Luckily I can opt out of substitutions, but befoe I realised this, I ordered a big food scoop to help with the bird food and I was sent 2 very tiny kiddies spades!! But have it all sorted now, although I am at the mercy of the pickers and last week nearly half of my shopping was unavailable!! already having shortages on the shelves, they dont help us lot who have not been out at all since beginning of March xx

suzannah16 in reply to Poshcards

somethings have been unavailable in my area since march yet when I look at the website without logging in it is available

Poshcards in reply to suzannah16

I know and when my cousin is in Asda she says everything is available!! x

Having similar issues in Texas.

Our beloved Texas based chain is called H‑E‑B and we adore it. It’s progressive and a fantastic company that gives back to communities, Ranked as one of the best grocery companies to work for in the USA and has a fantastic foundation/ endowment.

Therefore it’s no surprise there is a very good text plan in place to alert shopper to customer of substitutions.

H‑E‑B is very good with transparency, but yes- supplier problems still a problem in some areas.

I’ve been getting various supermarket deliveries and have had some odd substitutes, although not very many. I once ordered a thermometer you use in your ear but got given the caps you use on the end of the bit that goes in your ear instead. Not a lot of use if you don’t have the thermometer!

I was talking to the delivery guy and he told me that there have been a lot of new staff because of the increase in demand due to covid. Some of these are not doing so well at choosing subs when they first start. I think Waitrose are the best for subs as you can type in messages for the people picking your items.

suzannah16 in reply to Jumper99

I was told they were mostly school leavers who had never shopped in their lives and never even heard of some things so they just select something randomly. I've tried adding messages and still got the wrong things.

PMRpro in reply to suzannah16

Probably can't read ...

Jumper99 in reply to suzannah16

English may not be their first language?

PMRpro in reply to Jumper99

There are some basics ...

Hi, my best substitute was a bottle of alcoholic red wine when I’d ordered a bottle of alcohol free white wine!

My friend appreciated the substitution!

PMRpro in reply to MoominMomma

But on a serious note - what if that had been for a recovering alcoholic? I think they need more middle-aged mums who can think laterally!!!

MoominMomma in reply to PMRpro

I totally agree!!! 😊

I got a head of cabbage instead of a head of lettuce, but it wasn’t a substitute. My shopper evidently didn’t know the difference. 😊 Online delivery has been a lifesaver the last 7 months. And every delivery is like Christmas. You never know what you’re going to get.

suzannah16 in reply to Guatmom

very true, you just have to cross your fingers you can make a meal with it.

My best substitutes were 3 bottles of champagne instead of lemonade, I don't even drink alcohol. The driver was shocked that I wasn't keeping them.

Pepperoni pizza instead of Margherita, not big meat eaters in our house.

suzannah16 in reply to Hatelupus

I wonder if the driver kept them, how though did someone mix it up with lemonade?

PMRpro in reply to Hatelupus

But what were you charged for?

Hatelupus in reply to PMRpro

I was charged for the lemonade! 50p a bottle.

PMRpro in reply to Hatelupus

Gosh!!! I'd have kept them - not just because I do drink (prefer prosecco to champers mind) but you could have donated them to charity for a raffle or something!!

I've no idea but the price difference between the two was eye watering 😂

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