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Finally a referral appointment, what to ask?


Thanks to the joys of the NHS (I love it really, just don't understand how useless they can be sometimes) I finally have an appointment this week to see a nephrologist for persistent proteinuria, for nearly two years (renal ultrasound, renogram and all blood parameters completely normal). While waiting for this the GP had the idea to test my blood for ANA which was positive and since then I've been wondering/panicking/stressing about auto immune diseases as I think I do have some symptoms that I sort of passed off as tiny trivial things that weren't worth bothering the GP (abdominal pains, stabbing pains in my chest when I breath deeply, possible lethargy, headaches, joint pain). I posted a few months back and got some great help from you guys so I'm posting again now to see if I should do anything to prepare for this and what sort of questions I should be asking?

So far I know I want to ask about risk of immunosupression as I am almost always in contact with animals/zoonotic diseases, and memory/thinking ability as I have the most important exams of my life so far next month.

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Hi Hidden,

Good luck with your consultation! Let us know how you get on.

If you still need any tips on preparing for the appointment, you may find our article here helpful -

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