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Think it might be a bad wk or two

Had a really good run of prob 4 mth of very good health but been in sun shhhhh don't tel wife been wearing fecter 50 and a trilby but I've had 3 wk ends of motor racing viewing so been out side a lot so could possibly be the reason for fealing rough also been flat out at work so it started with kidney tenderness,mouth ulcers lack of any get up and go but the think that is conserning me is my hands I've mentioned befor I'm a carpenter ,and for yrs I've had rainods which has got worse but for about 6 mth I sometimes lose the ability to open and close and grab or pick things up then 30 mins later back to normal this has been quite bad recently and wondered if anybody else has experience of this I'm a little concerned as I'm 48 and still got a lot of work in front of me thanks for reading I would like to congratulate the people running this site as I'm shore you will all agree it a great help and comfort to us all

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Hi Ian - I think you overdid it because you felt so well - I do the same. You have to rest up as much as you can now. Take Vit D and B12 if you don't already, rub Olbas Oil into your hands or Deep Freeze (no smell). It loosens mine- but wait for the pain to pass before working! Glad you got out and enjoyed yourself. You have to or this illness wins!

Good luck and be well. Cas


Thanks and you are right it will not win just slow me down a bit


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