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Leg Muscle weakness

I was suffering from fever. So, I took "paraccitamol" so, It worked verry nicely. I was feeling good so i went to my college. But when i came home i felt that my leg Muscle are paining... and also in my waist, Hand, and in hip..

And its wiered that i cant walk properly. I feel like my legs are so heavy to move..

Can anyone help me in this..?

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yes I also felt that problem.even now I feel this type of problems.but muscle pain is really unbearable.that pain gone when I was on high dose steroids now I m not so sometimes I feel those pain.and I have to bear that my doc says 😂.

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Now I'm OK... Actually it's just because of my diet... During my fever I was on high power antibiotics so it made me weak... But now I'm all good...


See your doctor...


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