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Small list of symptoms

Hi, thought I'd post up a small list of the symptoms I've had especially over the past months.

Joint pain/loss of function in hands

Pain in heels, ankles, knees, shoulders and occasionally elbows and wrists

Skin become sensitive to sunlight and warm weather (itchy, red, painful rashes)

Noticed some hair loss on legs

EXTREME fatigue and stiffness

Diagnosed anxiety disorder, depression and mild psychosis

Hands and feet sensitive to cold weather


And finally recently noticed a lot of swelling on left side lower back (kidney area).

As I said in last post I'm not sure what my blood results are as I now waiting for another appointment with rheumatologist

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It's a lot of symptoms that could either b lupus or fibro or completely different. I have lupus and fibro u c and I get all those but some can b fibro and some lupus. Good luck


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