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Can anyone relate?

So I started exhibiting symptoms pretty early on in life first it was open lesions all over my scalp at the age of 6 which the doctor couldn't give my mum any answers for then from the age of 10 started with joint pain mostly in my knees my mum says I always used to say "no I can't do that I'm too sore" a lot as a child also the entirety of my childhood was plagued with chronically large and inflamed tonsils, I always had tonsillitis, street throat, bronchitis or something along those lines (eventually got my tonsils out at 18 helped but didn't fix it completely) at 12 I started getting migraines quite frequently at 13 I was diagnosed with costochondricitis which was absolutely debilitating luckily it does not plague me as much anymore *knock on wood* also around this time I started to become chronically fatigued but thought it was normal and that everyone felt that way and I was just weak also during my teenage years I got mono on 3 separate occasions. This all continued on until about 3 years ago I started getting crazy nerve pain it felt like lightning bolts went to the doc who thought it was fibro, was bed ridden for about a year went vegan and managed to go into a sort of remission for about 2 years until recently, I am now 28, I started getting insane joint pain the worst pain is usually my elbows and collar bones, constant low grade fevers, tingling in my face, scalp, visual muscle spasms in my legs, cold spots on my arms, memory loss decline in cognitive function I now see numbers backwards a lot and my reading is much worse, mouth sores, nose sores, the list goes on my gp said most likely lupus then saw specialist who says the same thing going back to see them both this month after testing already tested positive for Ana it was 1:640 homogeneous , I'm just wondering because it seems like my disease has been relatively slow progessing and wondering f anyone else's disease has progressed this way since childhood. Thanks :)

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