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Endo test results help pls

Endo test results help pls

Hi Im new on here but wondered if my tests results are positive for SLE? I have been recently diagnosed with thyroiditis and am on levothyroxine. I've had my first Endo appt and he's runs tests for Thyroiditis and rheumatological disorder as I have painful joint swelling but no joint damage and muscle pain in addition to other symptoms such as chronic fatigue. I have tested positive for ANA - Hep2 Positive Homogeneous. My dsDNA IgG 0.9 IU/ml 0-15. Weak positive Anti-MI-2 Ab. Haematocrit 0.432 L/L 0.32-0.43

Any help or advice would be really appreciated thank you!

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Hi MissFG,

Welcome to the site. I hope you find it a useful source of information and support. Unfortunately we are not medically trained here, so it is not appropriate to interpret your blood test results. This should be done by a medical professional who is familiar with your case. Are you able to make an appointment with your GP to discuss these results?

If you need more information about lupus and how it is diagnosed, we have a free pack which you can request or download from our website at


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