Sudden lightbulb !!

Suddenly realised why I've been so poorly recently .... And it has made me so down !! I have a really bad rash all over my body and it hurts like hell ... My mouth is so sore and so is my nose, ears and I feel like I want to rip my skin off!! Last time I got like this my lupus was at its highest :( we're I work (in a large office) they have replaced all the lights which are bright white for economical reasons. This was done a couple of months ago and didn't realise I have been going downhill since. I need some drastic help to get rid of my rash and to be able to sit and do my work so I have arranged to see my doc this week. I can now feel my whole body burning while I'm at work...


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9 Replies

  • Well done for figuring it out! I just hope you're getting the help you need shortly, it must be excruciating for you to be at work under those lights!

  • Hurts like hell purpletop. More annoyed that it has taken till now to realise it. Hoping I can find an antihistamine to help

  • Donnygirl, Sorry to hear of your situation, I can't even imagine what that would be like, at first I thought you may have been referring to having shingles when you started talking about the rash so I'm glad it wasn't that. You mentioned antihistamine and I know from experience my Kidney specialist didn't like the fact that I was self medicating with over the counter antihistamines. He told me to take magnesium instead. He also told me to use it for a muscle relaxant as well. So needless to say I tried it and it seemed to work for me. Look into it, I was surprised when I did. Good luck with your light situation.

  • I have the same problem, I have been referred by the company occupational Health to have an assessment to see if filters can be fitted to the lights and PC. Hope you feel better soon xx

  • hi Donna like you i suffer from a rash because of depression its called psoriasis and its a red rash that i've got on my face, in my hair, on my chest, in my ears, its so sore it feels like you have used a very sharp knife and rub it over your skin, so i show sympathy towards what your going through, one thing i don't suffer is from Lupus but i have many others that are just has bad. take care hope you get something sorted and that you can work in comfort. Alan xx

  • The same happened to me and they fitted filters to the lights etc in my work area.

  • My work area fits 100 people and you can imagine the amount of new lights that have been fitted x they have been very helpful with everything else got my own chair and I'm not put into stressful work x

  • Hi Donnygirl,

    Light sensitivity is quite a common experience for people with lupus. There's a number of resources for you to use. It's also your employer's responsibility to make reasonable adjustments to enable you to work.

    Take a look at ECLIPSE - the Light Sensitivity Support Group. We've got a page dedicated to ECLIPSE on our website: There's a number of great materials on there.

    They have a number of products available that might be able to help you:

    Do you work in your own office, in an open office or are you regularly moving from room to room?


  • I did this at home - replacing all the bulbs with low energy ones and had very similar reaction. It was a complementary practitioner who worked it out and I put all the old bulbs back to find I was much better again - strange lot we are and so many don't believe us!

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