The meaning of family

Hi evéry one and merry christmas. Yesterday was the feast of the holy family and my parish priest sermon explain the meaning of the acronym FAMILY. F - Faith, how do we profess our faith are we willing to share or pass on our faith to our children, parents and siblings. A - acceptance, we try so much to change one another and at the end of the day we drive people away from us. When we accept each other for what we are not for what we want them to be. Only then can change occur.

M - memory the good thing about christmas season is that it avails us the opportunity to stay with family and share fun memories of the past and have a good laugh. I - intimacy " in to me see" trying to open up to your family and teach then how to let each other into our hearts. L - Love, how often do we say we love someone. Sometimes we feel it is not necessary but it is. Tell your parents you love them, kids, siblings and friends. Y - You it is all about you it is not about me but about you. Mother will keep their childs needs before theirs, children should keep their parents needs b4 theirs, husbands their wifes needs before theirs and the same goes for wifes. Christ put us first that is why he took human form and was born and he sacrificed himself for our redemption so we should be selfless like Our Lord Jesus. Take care all and i love you all God bless and have a blessed new year.

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I used to put everyone's needs before my own - daughter, husband, parents, pets, job, etc. and I ended up very ill.

I am not sure the 'universal energies' expect us to do that - they do expect us to be responsible and take care of ourselves, too, because if we don't who does?

Then we end up ill and we have to take care of ourselves and can't put others first - a real lesson for me in there, I'm afraid, but as I recovered, I do what I can for others without compromising my own needs - that is how it was intended.


The most important thing is that you still do what you can for anybody. Thanks for sharing the way you feel.

Hugs and kisses