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Meeting with manager was upsetting :(

Hey all

I posted a few days back about having my occupational health report back and discussing it with my manager.

Well. I put forward my proposals to work 8.30 til 4, the HR officer was supportive, but my team manager just looked at me and said 'you know you'll be putting a burden on your other team members with those hours'. I kind of snapped and said my health is more important to me. The HR lady stepped in and said it was a reasonable request. And my manager agreed to trial it in the end but only if I do a 10-6 shift once a month. I said I would do this but only on a Friday when I dont have to get up for work the next day (i don't get home til 7.15pm).

So, whilst I may have some better hours, I felt horrible during and after the meeting after being called a burden.

I just feel a bit upset now, I hear about people on other teams having so much more flexibility yet I have a genuine reason and i'm made to feel like this :(

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So sorry to hear about your situation. Unfortunately, some managers are like this. I've had a few managers like this too. I used to "forgive" them thinking their ignorance of this rare condition meant they could not appreciate how difficult things are. But then I thought, these are highly-paid individuals who are supposedly intelligent and resourceful enough to find out for themselves about this condition, or at least ask. And I came to the conclusion that they were just not nice people.


Stick with it.HR are right, they should take steps to either change or reduce your working hours due to health reasons. Your manager will probably fight her corner waiting for ours to say "I want to do that". Its what I had. Good luck


gher onesshould have asked the manager " is the burden on the team, or on the manager"

Tell them to take a look at the health and safety part of their managerial duties.

Under duty of care of employee , by putting you under the extra stress they are putting the company liable and the company Insurance in a position of if you are covered or not.

Make sure the manager has put in writing that you and HR have suggested the lower hours and he has stated the higher one's for your own safety.


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