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I've got APS - Antiphosophilid Syndrome (SLE & 3 other conditions). Yesterday I found a lot a bruising the calves of my legs (bottom muscles). Also my feet always hurt, swell & have constant pins & needles. I take Warfarin meds.Have you had this? Is it serious? Hopefully tomorrow I'll see GP, I don't want to panic & wait 6hrs in hospital A&E today. Any advice welcome. Thanks x

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Make sure your GP covers everything. For me just as a general rule, its always a good to get a regular kidney check up.

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Hi welcome to APS and SLE. I have all these symptoms all the time. the constant pins and needles does disappear the ore numb my toes go. One consolation I suppose now I have Reynauds I cant always feel the pins and needs

I recently started acupuncture and thoughI was very sceptical I am finding some relief with the pain. My feet are far easier - I wont say completely pain free but a lot better and this time when I told the acupuncturist of the tighteningin my muscles all the time she put in another needle for muscle spasm and yes it has worked.

My legs are an embarassment to me with all the bruising but hey I refuse to let it get me dow.

Best of luck Regards Diane

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Thanks for the advice Diane! I have Reynauds as well. On Weds, I'm going to chat with my Anti-Coagulation nurse about the bruising, if I find out anything useful, I'll let you know.


Please do. A month ago I went to the doctors because my bruising kept coming back. I have bruises still coming back after a year of the original bruising. I was told that it was because of the warfarin. Still not too sure about that one so would be very interested. Ask them when you go if you would benefit from acupuncture. I really have found some relief with it. You are also on warfarin so find it hard to take any pain killers other than paracetamol because they react with the warfari. I find any of the others that I can take make me so drowsy that I cant take them anyway.

Best of luck for Wednesday.

Regards Diane


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