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what are the possible ways of treating polycistic ovarian cysyts in child bearing aged young adult?


I was diagnosed with ovarian cyst in July of 2013 but I have not been able uptil date to reach a gynecologist because of personal reasons and the healthcare system. For the most part I literally do not menstruate regularly anymore.At first i did see my period but with so much pain that will numb me from my waist to my legs sometimes it could go away after two days or lasts as long as the menstrual period. However my concern is for a while now since that diagnoses, the right side of my body seems like it is on a different person. My right breast has a dull, constant pain that won't go away. Sometimes it affects the whole arm. I have been to free clinics back and forth yet all i have is pain meds.I feel LOW. Because this could be particularly dangerous if at all it has a hidden diagnoses i cannot figure out.I really want to have my own kids but the thought of it lately is stealing my joy any help?

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Hi Claire, sorry to hear that you are struggling with this. My daughter who is 32 was diagnosed with the same condition at 18 years old and you describe the same symptoms as she does. She is treated by her GP with Metformin, this re started her cycle and sorted out some of the other associated issues with the condition. Hope this helps.

Hi Claire, I was diagnosed with ovarian cysts over twenty years ago and had them removed I went on to have two healthy children who are wonderful adults now. I still have a few problems with my ovaries and am currently waiting for another scan. After having the first cysts removed and having my children I was relatively problem free until a couple of years ago so have some faith and don't give up.

Good luck and I hope that things work out well for you

Madmagz x

Hi Claire,

I was diagnosed with Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and this year I've had ovarian cysts which ruptured and were extremely painful.

I've had a contraceptive coil inserted and my doctor put me on Metformin which regulates your periods as it regulates your hormonal balance and I've had no issues since.

I would suggest you see your GP asap I have also included this link for you about treatment from the NHS website:


With treatment, most women with PCOS are able to get pregnant.

Medications called clomifene and metformin are usually the first treatments used for women with PCOS who are trying to get pregnant. These medications encourage the monthly release of an egg from the ovaries (ovulation). You may be offered one of the medications or both together.

If you are unable to get pregnant despite taking clomifene and/or metformin, a different type of medication called gonadotrophins may be recommended. However, there's a risk this medication may overstimulate your ovaries and lead to multiple pregnancies.

An alternative to gonadotrophins is a surgical procedure called laparoscopic ovarian drilling (see below). This treatment can be as effective as using gonadotrophins, but it does not increase your risk of multiple pregnancies.

It is likely that a fertility specialist will check that your fallopian tubes are not blocked before most of these treatments are used because this will prevent them from working.

Best of luck x

Green tea is said to reduce tumor size...maybe it will reduce cysts...never know. I had a friend who had this and she had ovarian surgery while she was pregnant. Do you believe that? She has two beautiful girls.

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