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Any advice for a primary teacher going to see occupational health doctor?

I asked for this referral as I am working part time and have coped with minimum time off, however I have severe pain in my hands and feet which can limit some activities...the part time idea was so that PE usually goes to the other half....and need to to take regular medication. But because I "appear to cope so well" my requests/needs are not followed through with action. Any ideas what the OT can do for me? I assume if they say I need it ..it will happen!

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Hi I have been thinking of seeing th OT as well. I'm only a TA ans don't have the pressure that you have. But am on my feet all day. The pain has got worse and I thinkI hhave to also make a few changes. All the best. Xx


I am a secondary school teacher with a long history of lupus symptoms but my diagnosis is only UCTD at the moment. School sent me to occupational health and they replied to school by suggesting a modification to my work conditions... For example,...


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